GlossWire Expands its Celebrity Footprint with Covey Skincare Co-Founders Supermodel Emily DiDonato and Google Executive Christina Uribe

SEATTLE--()--GlossWire continues to raise its profile in the celebrity-founded beauty space with the addition of Supermodel Emily DiDonato and Google Executive Christina Uribe’s Covey Skincare, the Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum an innovative nightly use treatment using the powers of bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative, to transform the look of your skin overnight. Formulated with the Covey complex, a proprietary blend of bakuchiol, youth boosting tripeptide, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, it delivers anti-aging benefits without irritation and dryness.

“As GlossWire expands its footprint in the consumer-driven global beauty market, we have partnered with the most innovative and industrious leaders in the industry,” stated GlossWire Founder and CEO Kimberly Carney. “We have kept a keen eye on the celebrity-driven space and how that resonates with our consumer. We are excited to partner with Emily DiDonato and Christina Uribe on Covey Skincare and this highly curated skincare regimen that connects perfectly with the simplification our user is craving.”

GlossWire’s beauty and grooming marketplace gives the consumer 200+ brands to discover and shop worldwide beauty brands with its uptick in celebrity powered brands on the rise. Emily DiDonato and Christina Uribe’s Covey Skincare brand joins the illustrious lineup along with Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and Rachel Finger’s Gryph + IvyRose, Christie Brinkley’s SBLA, actress Stephanie March and Rebecca Perkins SHESPOKE.

“The consumer captivated by celebrity and beauty brands with star power behind them has been exploding in the market, but our GlossWire customer moreover identifies with efficacy and effectiveness,” stated GlossWire Head of Brand Strategy Samantha Yanks. “They want to discover, through the lens of our partnering brands Founders, the proof in the products and our IG LIVES give them a direct connection with visionaries like Emily DiDonato and Christina Uribe of Covey Skincare.”

Covey Skincare’s premise is that the consumer once believed that healthy skin required a 12-step skincare routine and an arsenal of products. No matter how much the Co-Founders researched or how many products they tried, the two skincare-obsessed friends leaned on an expert dermatologist and the Covey community to develop an uncomplicated, foolproof routine for everyone. Their essential-only products started with a lineup of 3 foundational ways to support the skin and work together in harmony. A fourth, has just been launched to complete the regimen.

“Emily DiDonato’s 2.5+ million followers are dedicated to following her skincare routine, looking for that gorgeous supermodel glow,” stated Kimberly Carney. “As we seek to discover brands that create true transformation, we are thrilled to have Covey Skincare on the GlossWire platform and both Emily DiDonato and Christina Uribe on our IG LIVE to help educate the consumer about their brand.”

About GlossWire:

GlossWire is a high-growth two-sided discovery and shopping marketplace connecting brands and consumers through data-driven technology and real-time actionable insights. For the B2B side, GlossWire is a datahub to help navigate consumer demand and increase profitability. For the B2C side, GlossWire offers organic discovery of worldwide beauty by leveraging technology to personalize the customer experience. We achieve this through our own social integration tools, such as swiping, liking, and sharing to engage the consumer and build community. This interactive experience encourages the consumer to be the influencer – and their feedback becomes part of essential brand decision making. Through its market-leading app and web experience, GlossWire customers can shop a curated edit of 15,000+ products, sourced from 200+ beauty brands from around the world. The company is owned by Wire Holdings, Inc., backed by a range of all-star private angel investors in the beauty, retail, and tech spaces, and well-known for its popular contemporary Fashion app and web-based platform — FashWire. To learn more about GlossWire, visit or download the apps by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

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Laura Baumgartner
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