SamanTree Medical announces new clinical data at recent medical congresses in prostate, lung, breast, and brain cancer surgery

Including marked time reductions in lung and prostate cancer treatment


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Intraoperative guidance with the Histolog Scanner. Get access to real-time morphological information to detect cancer cells directly in the OR.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland--()--SamanTree Medical, a medical technology company specializing in innovative solutions to improve cancer treatment, is proud to announce new clinical data presented at recent medical congresses, where it showcased new results in four distinct medical indications. Separately, Professor Alex Mottrie, from Aalst, Belgium, performed a live bilateral nerve-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) with the Histolog to assess the margins of the resected prostate.

The clinical results were presented at the European Society of Pathology congress (ECP) in four different indications, confirming the company’s position as a frontrunner in RARP, lung biopsy, breast conserving surgery, and brain cancer surgery. The system was shown for each indication to enable the physician to perform real-time assessment during surgery, providing the surgeon a high level of confidence in distinguishing healthy vs. tumorous tissue.

Clinical results highlights:

  • RARP: Observational study (50 patients) with blind assessment that showed high performances comparable to NeuroSAFE (sensitivity 88% and specificity 98%) but with drastic time reduction (procedure time <10 minutes vs >50 minutes).
  • Breast: Presentation of a breast atlas that was developed to train clinicians utilizing the company’s proprietary AI algorithm. The images were obtained rapidly and relevant histopathological criteria, such as tissue architecture and cell features, were clearly observable to identify healthy or cancerous tissue.
  • Lung biopsy: Feasibility study showing impressive synergy with Next Generation Sequencing to ensure rapid identification of high cellularity tumor regions, complementing molecular profiling seamlessly. In the case presented, the cancer diagnosis timeframe was reduced from 5-7 days to 2-6 hours.
  • Brain surgery: In this exploratory study, out of 50 diverse cases, the Histolog Scanner consistently allowed to identify abnormal versus normal tissue, often being the sole diagnostic tool required.

"As a newcomer to SamanTree Medical, I have been truly impressed by the traction around the Histolog technology and the impact we have achieved in such a short time. Our success at these congresses highlights our commitment to innovation and patient-centered care, in perfect alignment with the latest published data," said Olivier Delporte, SamanTree's recently appointed CEO.

At the ERUS23 congress, the Histolog Scanner was used by Professor Alex Mottrie during a live surgery from Florence. This demonstrated the easy integration of the technology in the surgical workflow, with rapid preparation and imaging.

"It was very confirmatory to witness the Histolog Scanner in action during the ERUS. The congress has opened numerous doors for SamanTree Medical, and we're particularly excited about the upcoming creation of an advisory board dedicated to prostate. This board will feature internationally renowned Key Opinion Leaders in prostate cancer surgery, marking a significant step forward for us," concluded Olivier Delporte.

About SamanTree Medical

SamanTree Medical has developed a breakthrough medical imaging modality that enables new medical procedures to improve cancer treatment. The Histolog® Scanner (CE marked) allows for high resolution imaging of the surface of fresh tissue. This new imaging modality is based on a novel ultra-fast confocal microscopy technology. It offers clinicians real-time assessment of fresh tissue; the clinician is one touch-on-the-screen away from visualizing cancerous cells immediately during surgery. It covers a broad range of surgical and diagnostic applications in oncology. The Histolog Scanner is commercialized in Europe and is an investigational device in the US.

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