Life Line Screening Launches At-home Lab Tests, Private and Convenient Health Tests Delivered to Your Home

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Life Line Screening, a leader in preventive health screenings, has launched a new line of products: Life Line Home Tests. At-home lab tests are convenient, private and accurate. Customers will order kits online, collect the sample from the comfort of their home, and then will receive accurate, physician-reviewed results within 3-5 days after the laboratory receives the sample.

Packaging is discreet and results are private so customers can feel comfortable ordering any test. To ensure quality, analysis is performed in laboratories that are certified by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988).

"At-home lab tests enable customers to purchase affordable and convenient health tests and take charge of their health in the privacy of their own home,” said Joe Jahnke, President and CFO of Life Line Screening.

Test categories include Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Sexual Health and General Wellness. Test kits start at $79 and include shipping.

One of the tests that evaluates heart health and diabetes risk for $99 is an easy finger prick blood test that measures Total Cholesterol, HDL, Calculated LDL, Triglycerides, hs-CRP and HbA1c. This test provides valuable information about your heart health and diabetes risk and enables you to share your results with your physician to create a treatment plan, if necessary.

Benjamin Gerson, MD, Laboratory Director of Life Line Screening said, “20% of the 38 million people with diabetes in the United States aren’t aware that they have this disease that is associated with serious complications. Life Line Home Tests provides a convenient way to check yourself to see if you might have diabetes, which doesn’t have obvious symptoms in early years.”

Other tests include Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests, Liver and Kidney Function Tests, as well as Men and Women’s Health Tests. “Our goal by providing these at-home lab tests is to enable more people to monitor their health and take steps toward a healthier future,” said Rebecca Piccoli, Sr. Manager of Home Tests at Life Line Screening.

Purchases of at-home tests can be made online at

About Life Line Screening:

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Rebecca Piccoli,


Rebecca Piccoli,