Kreshmore Group Provides Advisory Services in the Youth Sports Marketplace

LEMONT, Ill.--()--The U.S. youth and amateur sports industry, a $19.2 billion market in 2019, is a robust and maturing marketplace that is expected to grow exponentially by 2026. Sports organizations, governing groups, and investors are all seeking to capture a segment or segments of this industry and are continuously analyzing markets to expand into which require broad industry knowledge, expertise, and know-how.

Sports tourism, travel, accommodations, staffing, equipment, marketing, program and event management, concessions, facility construction or improvements, advertising and communications, hospitality, and technology are all intertwining segments that collectively have contributed to the proliferation of youth and amateur sports. This industry requires expertise that goes beyond yesteryear’s organized sports approach – to launch or revamp organized sports models and/or programs successfully, requires specialized preparedness plus comprehensive business expertise that transcends what happens in the rink, on the court or on the field.

Kreshmore Group Sports Advisory (KG Sports)

KG Sports has a specialized understanding of the youth and amateur sports industry, specifically the business, demographics, programming, and consumer behavior categories. “Our industry expertise and access to the marketplace is comprehensive which puts us at the forefront of facility advisory, sports programming, market research, strategic consulting, and product-to-market services,” said David “DJ” Wabick, partner at Kreshmore Group. “KG Sports can produce solutions ready for market in a timely, professional and efficient manner which sets us apart from your typical sports advisory firm. Demand in this space is growing and we continually consult for private corporations, government agencies and municipalities, international organizations, and for amateur and professional sports organizations.”

Kreshmore Group’s past and current tier 1 clients include WBSC, USSSA, and PLAYERS WAY.

KG Sports – Facility & Organizational Advisory

With an extensive understanding of the current youth and amateur sports landscape, what separates KG Sports is its ability to leverage its financial expertise in order to further their clients’ goals. The firm has a wealth of knowledge within the financial industry including services centered around mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, restructures, and turnarounds. KG Sports advisory engagements at the facility, venue and municipality level have included feasibility studies, economic impact reports, business and operational plans, specific topical research and studies, strategic planning, forecasting, strategic advisory services, incentive financing, full project funding, and public money utilization.

Kreshmore Group’s past and current sports facility development clients are many – including but not limited to Bennie Sports (WI), USSSA (FL), Homer Sports Complex (IL), and Orland Park Complex (IL).

About Kreshmore Group®

Kreshmore Group (KG) started operations in 2009 through its predecessors and has grown to become Chicago’s preeminent financial and sports advisory firm. The firm serves myriad niche industries while focusing on lower-middle & mid-market companies within the continental United States. KG assists clients in financial services and sports consulting services with a focus on solving complex problems with unique solutions. Since 2016, KG Sports has worked on sports advisory projects with municipalities and government groups throughout the USA, plus tier 1 professional and major league clients such as the WBSC, USSSA, and PLAYERS WAY. Headquartered in Lemont, Illinois, Kreshmore Group is known within the Chicagoland area as a tenacious and hyper-focused strategic consulting firm. To learn more about KG Sports, please visit KG Sports Consulting, today.


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