Vendora: Second-hand Gifts Are the Trend of the 2019 Festive Season

Research reveals that the public is now willing to exchange used gifts

ATHENS, Greece--()--By the end of the decade a new trend is emerging in Greek society: second-hand gifts. To help find the perfect present, Vendora shared the 10 most popular searches for the 2019 holiday season:

Vendora Top 10

1. Playmobil

2. Playstation

3. iPhone

4. Louis Vuitton

5. Gucci

6. Nike

7. Adidas

8. Laptop

9. Pokemon

10. Rolex

As we all become more sensitive to climate change, we are looking for ways to reconcile our wants (presents) with our needs (environmental responsibility). The environmental benefit of a second-hand gift is twofold: both new goods creation and delivery are avoided when purchased by local sellers.

Concerns and Responses

Extensive research on this topic highlights both concerns and beliefs of the public about the new habit:

• 33.3% worry that donating second-hand items will make them look stingy

• 29.4% fear that recipients of second-hand presents will be offended

These concerns do not seem to be substantiated however, as people have responded with an overwhelming "Yes" to second-hand gifts that show that the donating person has thought of the wishes of the person to whom the present is addressed.

• 90% said they would be happy to receive a second-hand item as a present

• 84.8% said they prefer a used item they always wanted instead of a new one they don't care about.

• 33% support second-hand items as a viable way to buy gifts for friends and family.

Second-hand presents are becoming a new habit as shoppers reject fast fashion: Donating a slightly worn-out but high-quality bag or used cashmere sweater will make you the most responsible and conscious donor of the season.

If you are wondering where to find the right second-hand gift for your loved ones, the answer is Vendora: With over 110,000 registered members and over 70,000 active ads daily in 362 categories, you are sure to find a present for everyone. And for those worried about trading with other individuals, Vendora has successfully launched the Verified Members feature that makes transactions safer than ever.


George Kollias


George Kollias