Osura, a Premier Marketplace for the Bitcoin NFT Gold Rush, Launches with Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection

Recent developments mean Bitcoin NFTs, known as Ordinals, can store data and digital assets directly on the Bitcoin chain, making the launch of the Osura marketplace an important event in Web3 history. Osura hosts high-quality and highly-curated digital asset collections on Bitcoin.

Osura, a Premier Marketplace for the Bitcoin NFT Gold Rush, Launches with Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection (Graphic: Business Wire)

REDMOND, Wash.--()--Metagood launches Osura.com, the premier marketplace curated for high-end Bitcoin Ordinal collections.

Since early 2023, Ordinals saw a meteoric rise, with over 33 million inscriptions as of earlier this month. Ordinals are quite different and offer many benefits compared to NFTs stored on Ethereum. NFTs on Ethereum are designed around digital certificates, or pointers to data and images stored off-chain on services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) or IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). In contrast, Bitcoin NFTs are designed as digital artifacts that are immutable, uncensorable, self-sovereign, permissionless, and stored fully on-chain (all data lives on Bitcoin).

These properties have led to a community of early adopters who believe Bitcoin is now the natural home for high-end NFTs. With the NFT market showing impressive adoption for both Ethereum and Solana during the last crypto bull run, the Osura team believes Ordinals on Bitcoin will see rapid adoption over the next year.

When obtaining digital assets, users need to trust that they get the highest quality product when transacting. Osura is a destination for true digital art connoisseurs. It offers collectors a curated marketplace and enables them to collect, buy and sell digital artifacts. With a strategy to curate only the highest-quality digital assets, Osura debuts with two exceptional Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collections: OnChainMonkey (OCM) Dimensions 300 and the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection by Asprey Studio, Bugatti, and Metagood. Both collections are 3D, interactive, and use recursion. Metagood co-founder Danny Yang developed new technology to create 3D animated and interactive art for the OCM Dimensions collection on Bitcoin.

OCM Dimensions 300 is arguably the most innovative art collection on Bitcoin. Inscribed in February 2023, OCM Dimensions stands out among Bitcoin collections. It is a high-resolution, 3D art collection that pioneered recursion, one of the most significant aspects of Bitcoin Ordinals. The animated art scales with display size, presenting pixel-perfect clarity even on 8K screens. Remarkably, this quality is achieved with a file size of less than 1 kilobyte per inscription. These are some of the many things Dimensions achieved that were thought impossible on Bitcoin.

Following the OCM Dimensions 300 innovation is the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection. The Asprey Bugatti Egg is a cutting-edge 3D digital artifact. Working with Asprey Studio, Metagood crafted the generative code to encapsulate the essence of nature’s perfection. Only 111 in the whole collection, all eggs have a different motion of lighting that is unique to each of them. This exclusive collection is inscribed on uncommon satoshis (sats), with one of these sats being the oldest inscribed uncommon sat to date.

“​​I’ve spent the last decade building on Bitcoin and the last few years focusing on creating high-end digital artifacts on Ethereum and now on Bitcoin. Now is a truly exciting time in NFTs - the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol just launched a few months ago. With our background creating digital artifacts, we understood the significance immediately and focused on Bitcoin Ordinals early on,” Danny Yang, co-founder and CEO of Metagood, said.

“Bitcoin is the largest, most decentralized, and secure blockchain, and now Ordinals will see the most significant and high-end NFTs being stored on Bitcoin, too. At Osura, our focus is to foster and shepherd this new market and curate the best works in a trusted manner,” Amanda Terry, co-founder and COO of Metagood, said.

"Metagood played an instrumental role in delivering the technical backing for our Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection," Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer at Asprey Studio, said. "Their deep expertise and knowledge of Bitcoin technology set them at the forefront of putting digital assets on chain. The Osura marketplace will set a new standard for luxury Bitcoin NFT collections.”

What sets the Osura marketplace apart is the curated art, the cutting-edge technology, the experienced and reputable team, and the seamless and secure product.

As a trusted pioneering authority in shaping the future of digital assets, Metagood built Osura to continue to launch collections for renowned brands and esteemed creators. The Osura team also plans to put together an Osura Curation Board for Digital Artifacts (with names to be announced shortly) as a new asset class that includes creators, collectors, historians, and technologists.

OCM Dimensions and the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection NFTs will be displayed in Asprey Studio’s Mayfair Gallery during their London Frieze event “Digital Muses” on October 10. Metagood COO Amanda Terry will speak at “The Art of Ordinals” Asprey Studio event in Paris on October 11, where the NFTs will also be displayed.

About Osura

Osura Bitcoin NFT Marketplace will host only the highest quality high-end digital assets. The team behind Osura, Metagood, has been building on the Bitcoin blockchain for over a decade. Their expertise allowed them to develop pioneering technology such as recursion, parent-child collection provenance, and launch the first on-chain randomization and reveal for an NFT collection on Bitcoin.

Metagood proved its tech expertise by inscribing the first 10,000 image art collection of NFTs in one transaction on Ethereum in 2021 and on Bitcoin in 2023. It also launched the first 3D art collection fully on-chain on Bitcoin in June 2023. Osura enables renowned brands and creators to inscribe their high-end digital art on the Bitcoin blockchain. The platform caters to both seasoned and budding collectors, ensuring they discover unique and valuable Bitcoin NFT art of the highest quality.

About OnChainMonkey

OnChainMonkey, by Metagood, is a pioneering digital art collection. It is the first 10,000-image art collection created on-chain in a single transaction on Ethereum in 2021. In 2023, OnChainMonkey made history again, becoming the first 10,000-image collection inscribed on Bitcoin, and all done in a single inscription (#20219).

The collection is led by an experienced team: Danny Yang, who founded Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Maicoin; Amanda Terry, who served as a digital media business development executive at Twitter and NBC; and Bill Tai, a legendary VC and the first investor in Zoom and early investor in Canva, Dapper Labs and over 20 companies that have become publicly listed. The OnChainMonkey community is building businesses in Web3 and making real-world impact.

About Metagood

Metagood is a leader in blockchain technology and digital assets, setting a new standard for innovation in the crypto industry that blends technology, art, and community. Metagood was recognized in Fast Company’s 2022 Best World Changing Ideas Awards for Impact Investing.

Metagood strives to build a better future for Web3. Through its innovative NFT collection OnChainMonkey (OCM), Metagood has created value and contributed to important causes, such as funding the successful evacuation of Sharbat Gula (known as “Afghan Girl” from the iconic 1984 National Geographic cover) and her family from Afghanistan, donating to humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Coral Reef conservation, and more.

Metagood was founded by veterans with decades of business experience. Its chairman, Bill Tai, a legendary venture capitalist, has been at the forefront of the crypto space since 2010. Danny Yang, the CEO, founded both Maicoin, Taiwan's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Blockseer, a blockchain technology company providing services to customers like the FBI, US Secret Service, and the DHS. He also founded the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013. Amanda Terry, the COO, is a former business development executive at Twitter, NBC, and the co-founder and managing partner of ACTAI Ventures.

About Asprey Studio (aspreystudio.com)

Asprey Studio was founded in 2022, part of the 242-year-old luxury house, Asprey. Asprey Studio creates unique artworks that make use of innovative and groundbreaking production techniques. The Asprey Studio Gallery is a multi-purpose gallery space that will host exhibitions and showcase Asprey Studio creations. Located on the second floor of the Asprey London flagship store in Mayfair, the Gallery’s primary focus will be on creating a new way to exhibit, release, and purchase artworks.

In a recent pioneering collaboration with Bugatti, the Studio designed one hundred and eleven precious metal eggs linked to generative art in Bitcoin. The release showcases not only the art of coding but also creates a new form of art expression that bridges physical and digital creations.


For press inquiries, contact press@maneuvre.co.


For press inquiries, contact press@maneuvre.co.