OnChainMonkey Launches OCM Dimensions, the Groundbreaking Generative Art Collection on Bitcoin

OCM makes history again with generative art collectibles on Bitcoin

OnChainMonkey Launches Dimensions, the Groundbreaking Generative Art Collection on Bitcoin (Graphic: Business Wire)

REDMOND, Wash.--()--OnChainMonkey (OCM) has announced the launch of its next NFT collection, OCM Dimensions. This significant milestone brings together art, engineering, technology, and innovation to enshrine a historic first-of-its-kind generative art collection on Bitcoin. Crafted entirely from code, OCM Dimensions showcases a groundbreaking way high-quality art can be inscribed on Bitcoin while using limited block space, a challenge that others have not overcome.

These iconic designs offer a stunning view of code on each satoshi, with detailed renderings of lighting, movement, and vibrancy. These NFTs are designed specifically for Bitcoin, as they are inscribed on satoshis from January 2009 (the month Bitcoin went live). Meticulously crafted by Metagood’s world-class art and engineering team, the OCM Dimensions NFTs are 3-dimensional, interactive, and dynamic, and the inscription technology used to generate them on-chain will set the standard for generative art on Bitcoin. Crafted entirely from code, OCM Dimensions showcases a groundbreaking way high-quality art can be inscribed on Bitcoin while using limited block space, a challenge that others have not overcome.

By bringing this groundbreaking collection to the Bitcoin blockchain, OnChainMonkey solidifies the platform as the undisputed home for high-value digital assets, offering groundbreaking artistic expression and true digital ownership.

"Metagood's vision for the OnChainMonkey community and the entire OCM project is to create a prosperous global nation that prioritizes financial enrichment, physical health, social connection, and purposeful impact,” said Danny Yang, co-founder and CEO of Metagood, the company behind the OnChainMonkey collection. "Our latest collection offers community members the opportunity to become early adopters of not only historic, high-quality Bitcoin NFTs, but also the most efficiently inscribed Bitcoin NFTs available today."

OCM Dimensions is one of the first 3D NFT collections on Bitcoin and demonstrates that these engaging pieces can be issued in an efficient way that does not impact the performance of the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin users will not be affected by the launch given our efficient way of inscribing. However, bitcoin HODLERs and miners will benefit from the launch of OCM Dimensions, as it secures even more high-value assets onto the increasingly valuable Bitcoin blockchain.

Metagood, the creator of the OnChainMonkey collection, is a consistent leader in NFT technological innovation. Its first collection, OCM Genesis, minted the entire 10,000-strong collection on the Ethereum blockchain in a single transaction. This had never been done before and marked a milestone in NFT scalability. In February 2023, the OCM Genesis collection became the first-ever 10,000 PFP (profile picture) collection to also be inscribed on Bitcoin. In April 2023, Metagood partnered with Asprey Studio on the upcoming Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection. Metagood will be the digital asset partner inscribing digital counterparts of their luxury objets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Once again, OnChainMonkey and its partner company Metagood are revolutionizing NFTs with their groundbreaking OCM Dimensions collection, which will become the world-first 3D NFT collection to be fully inscribed on-chain on the Bitcoin network. The collection will utilize the Ordinals protocol.

The first 300 OCM Dimensions will be minted directly on Bitcoin, then the remaining collection (up to 2,000) will be minted on Bitcoin via burnable Ethereum NFTs that the first OCM Genesis NFT collection can consume over time to generate its respective OCM Dimensions on Bitcoin. Hiro Wallet and Xverse are official wallet partners of the collection.

OnChainMonkey will soon be announcing an amazing new collection with the generative artist, Alexis André.

To learn more about the OCM Dimensions collection, click here.

About OnChainMonkey

Launched by the NFT company Metagood, OnChainMonkey is the first non-fungible token (NFT) profile picture collection created on-chain in a single transaction on Ethereum. Recently OnChainMonkey marked history again, becoming the first 10k PFP NFT collection inscribed on Bitcoin in a single inscription.

The collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs is led by an experienced team, including Danny Yang, who founded Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange; Amanda Terry, who served as a digital media business development executive at Twitter and NBC; and Bill Tai, a legendary venture capitalist who was the first investor in Zoom and early investor in Canva, Dapper Labs as well as over 20 companies that have become publicly listed. The OnChainMonkey community is building businesses in Web3 and aims to “do well and do good,” creating value for token holders and promoting social good. To learn more about OnChainMonkey, visit onchainmonkey.com.

About Metagood

Metagood is a leader in blockchain technology and digital assets, setting a new standard for innovation in the crypto industry. In 2021, Metagood launched the first 10k on-chain profile picture NFT collection in one transaction on Ethereum. This year, the company was the first to inscribe a 10k NFT collection on Bitcoin. Metagood was recognized in Fast Company’s 2022 Best World Changing Ideas Awards for Impact Investing.

Metagood strives to build a better future for Web3. Through its innovative NFT collection OnChainMonkey (OCM), Metagood has created value and contributed to important causes. Those causes included funding the successful evacuation of Sharbat Gula (known as “Afghan Girl” from the iconic 1984 National Geographic cover) and her family from Afghanistan, donations to humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and more.

Metagood was founded by veterans with decades of business experience. Its chairman, Bill Tai, a legendary venture capitalist, has been at the forefront of the crypto space since 2010. Danny Yang, the CEO, founded both Maicoin, Taiwan's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Blockseer, a blockchain technology company providing services to customers like the FBI, US Secret Service, and the DHS. He also founded the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013. Amanda Terry, the COO, is a former business development executive at Twitter, NBC and the co-founder of ACTAI Ventures, where she serves as its managing partner.

To learn more about Metagood, visit metagood.com.


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