Typeface and GrowthLoop Partner with Google Cloud and BigQuery to Launch Unified GenAI Marketing Solution at Google Cloud Next '23

The new solution combines customer intelligence, audience definition, and content personalization into a single Gen AI-powered workflow, enhancing efficiency and speed for marketing campaigns at scale.


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New “GenAI Marketing Solution” by Typeface, GrowthLoop, and Google Cloud Scales AI-Powered Marketing Campaigns End-to-End [PRODUCT DEMO VIDEO]

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, at Google Cloud Next '23, Typeface introduced an integrated solution with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation Models to empower marketers with personalized generative AI throughout the entire campaign creation process. This solution merges generative AI into a single, streamlined workflow that spans from precisely defining audience segments to crafting tailor-made content that can be distributed quickly across multiple marketing channels. Marketers can now accelerate campaign launches, achieve impressive efficiency gains, and uphold a uniform brand message across all touchpoints.

Despite substantial investments in audience and customer data, marketing organizations still grapple with effectively transforming this data into targeted, personalized content at the pace required by market demand. Generative AI presents a solution by expediting audience and content creation, while retaining brand consistency.

An End-to-End Solution to Scale AI-Powered Marketing Campaigns

The GenAI Marketing Solution streamlines campaign creation, enabling rapid experimentation and personalized content delivery across channels. Key capabilities include:

  • Unified customer data access in BigQuery: Using BigQuery, users can build a holistic Customer 360 view by tapping into first-party data from ads, sales, customers, and products.
  • Intuitive audience definition with natural language understanding: By connecting GrowthLoop with BigQuery, marketers can define audience segments using GrowthLoop's natural language understanding capabilities and drag-and-drop journey orchestration tools, all within their data cloud.
  • Tailored cross-channel content creation: Utilize Typeface's embedded application to craft personalized content that blends GrowthLoop and BigQuery's detailed audience segments with Typeface's brand-personalized AI leveraging Google GenAI Foundation Models. Marketers can generate tailored content across various channels, such as blogs, landing pages, and more. They can even create brand-specific content with Typeface directly within Workspace, such as Google Docs and Google Slides, to bring AI-content generation into existing workflows.
  • Effective orchestration and performance measurement: Deploy target audiences and content to your advertising channels with just a few clicks. Monitor audience targeting and creative success in BigQuery, complete with performance metrics like ROI and A/B tests in GrowthLoop.

The solution offers immense value for personalized, targeted campaigns that enhance engagement and conversion rates. Business outcomes include amplified campaign and experiment launches, realized productivity efficiencies with up to a tenfold increase in content creation, broadened reach across additional creative channels, delivery of personalized creative and audiences to numerous customer journeys, and consistent brand representation across teams, campaigns, and business lines.

"We are delighted to join forces with Typeface and Google Cloud to deliver a new era of marketing workflows for businesses worldwide," said Chris Sell, Co-Founder of GrowthLoop. “It is an exciting time at GrowthLoop to have the ability to support digital marketing teams in their efforts to be more efficient and have the best tools in the business at their fingertips.”

"Collectively, we're addressing a fundamental challenge that enterprises have grappled with for years – the ability to consistently tell their stories and engage with customers with compelling content quickly," said Abhay Paransis, Founder and CEO of Typeface. "Our partnership with Google Cloud and GrowthLoop helps marketers effortlessly merge data insights with creative storytelling, amplifying campaign impact and transforming a handful of campaigns into hundreds."

“We are pleased that Typeface and GrowthLoop will use Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities and AI Lakehouse platform, BigQuery, to simplify personalized content creation,” said Gerrit Kazmaier, VP & GM, Data & Analytics at Google Cloud. “With generative AI, customers can create more impactful, tailored marketing campaigns, with tools that help improve efficiency throughout the campaign lifecycle."

Join the ever-growing cohort of companies embarking on the journey of generative AI for marketing. The new GenAI Marketing Solution is now available in private preview for current BigQuery users or users seeking to migrate to BigQuery. Start exploring our solution today by requesting a demo here.

Editor's note: This press release was co-written with Typeface. Typeface was responsible for generating entire sentences and paragraphs of text, augmenting the human capability to create a more enjoyable, elevated collaboration process.


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Typeface and GrowthLoop Partner with Google Cloud and BigQuery to Launch Unified GenAI Marketing Solution at Google Cloud Next '23.


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