SamCart Unveils Groundbreaking Data for Creators and Digital Sellers in Their "2023 Creator Profits Report"

SamCart releases the year’s most data-packed resource on creator trends in the market to help creators and digital sellers understand the best ways to operate their businesses and make more money.

AUSTIN, Texas--()--SamCart, a leading eCommerce platform for digital sellers and online creators, announced the release of their 2023 Creator Profits Report that is now available on the company’s website.

This illuminating report puts the creator industry under a microscope and uncovers why and how a growing number of digital product and service sellers are able to net hundreds of thousands every month with +100% growth in revenue year over year.

It also serves as an invaluable resource for creators in understanding the dynamics of their industry, how their peers are performing, and provides actionable strategies based on data derived from over 17,000 revenue-generating SamCart users and over $3.5 billion in sales processed on the SamCart platform.

“We are fortunate to have one of the largest databases of creator data, specifically for digital creators, with over $3.5 Billion in sales processed on our platform and tens of millions transactions,” says SamCart CEO Justin Smith. “For the first time, we have analyzed this data with third parties and our customers to really understand the trends in the creator market. We hope this report will allow creators to better measure how they’re performing and improve their business with insights no one else has access to.”

The report can be accessed at

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Creators

SamCart’s 2023 Creator Profits Report provides statistical benchmarks for creators in a competitive landscape. It explores the highest-converting customer acquisition channels and enables creators to discover revenue-boosting strategies and learn about the untapped potential of "Expansion Revenue”.

As consumers seek out real solutions for their everyday problems, questions, or concerns, creators are able to level that playing field and get products, services, and digital goods into consumers’ hands faster than ever. This, coupled with the low-cost barrier to entry, makes the creator industry ripe for even more rapid growth than it’s already experiencing.

As a creator myself, the value of this data is massive for creators to use in their own businesses both for benchmarking themselves and applying the strategies we share in their own business,” says Brian Moran, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SamCart. “For example, our data shows creators selling digital products and services have 2-4X higher conversion rates than those selling physical products, an indication of the shift happening in the broader eCommerce space.”

About SamCart

SamCart’s mission is to be the #1 eCommerce platform for digital sellers—empowering them to elevate their impact and income by easily selling more online, anywhere they interact with customers.

Powering more than 75,000 creator businesses selling over 3.5 billion dollars' worth of products, SamCart is based in Austin, TX and the Washington, D.C. area. Learn more at

Access the Report

To access SamCart’s 2023 Creator Profits Report with $3.5 Billion worth of insights revealing how creators sell their digital products, visit Unlock the most compelling insights of 2023 for the creator industry and digital entrepreneurs at large.


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