AdsPostX Advances Retail Media 2.0 with New OmniSDK

AdsPostX Unlocks More Value in Shopper Behavior Data with OmniSDK

AdsPostX Unlocks More Value in Shopper Behavior Data with OmniSDK (Graphic: Business Wire)

SEATTLE--()--AdsPostX announced today the launch of OmniSDK - a solution to advance retail media. OmniSDK allows retailers to effectively monetize untapped behavioral and intent signals across all stages of a shopper’s journey while factoring the most opportune points to serve applicable ads and offers across the path-to-purchase and beyond.

OmniSDK provides easy integration and the necessary tools to better translate shopper behavior to valuable and actionable data for campaign effectiveness. The technology collects sophisticated signals with rich insights for more relevant actions and campaign optimization. As a result, the upper funnel technology works to deliver incremental growth from the virtual front door to post-transaction. The smart serving signals can indicate relevancy for product pairings to cross-promote based on items being browsed. Grocery retailers and CPG brands have successfully cross-merchandised items for years in brick-and-mortar stores. The OmniSDK helps retailers do the exact same thing but in a more personalized fashion online in real time.

“There are many signals across the shopper journey that can be collected to determine and deliver relevant offers and ads at key moments. This moves beyond basic keyword and cart history data, leveraging site location and dwell time on product pages and many other advanced signals based on shopper behavior to offer up smart media placements. Our drop-in, small-footprint OmniSDK provides the ability to easily unlock relevancy factors that will mature retail media into a new era and provide true incremental growth opportunities for brands and retailers alike,” said Roj Niyogi, Chief Product Officer at AdsPostX.

The OmniSDK is open to retailers that want to extract key learnings that occur within online shopping moments such as pre-checkout, browsing patterns, reviews, returns and more that happen across the full shopper experience. Retailers interested in the new OmniSDK to unlock more value from shopper data should contact AdsPostX.

Earlier this year, CitrusAd and AdsPostX announced a global retail media partnership that empowers retailers to provide relevant ads through a customer’s complete shopping experience. The OmniSDK is the latest move to gain advanced signals and sophisticated data to progress incremental sales across the shopper journey, taking retail media to the next level.

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AdsPostX provides scalable retail media technology for retailers and brands to deliver endemic and non-endemic ads and multiply sales across the path-to-purchase. AdsPostX is powered by Nexos, a proprietary targeting technology, which allows relevant offers to be served at the most opportune times and locations throughout the shopper journey. AdsPostX builds disruptive ad technology to advance retail media by extracting rich data points to optimize RMNs and help brands build more effective campaigns that generate net new growth. The technology expands RMNs attracting both endemic and non-endemic advertisers to engage with shoppers resulting in incremental revenue and increased average order values while driving brand and retail loyalty. To learn more, visit


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