AdsPostX Gives LoyaltyBoostTM to Retail Media

LoyaltyBoostTM Ties Retail Rewards to Retail Media Offers

LoyaltyBoostTM Ties Retail Rewards to Retail Media Offers (Graphic: Business Wire)

SEATTLE--()--AdsPostX announced today the launch of LoyaltyBoostTM - a retail media solution to drive incremental revenue and repeat purchases from the post-transaction moment. LoyaltyBoost allows retailers to easily reward customers with loyalty points, exclusive coupons and other perks for engaging with endemic and non-endemic/third-party offers to drive both incremental revenue and future purchases. Brand advertisers can leverage LoyaltyBoost to tap into these rewards points systems and loyalty programs to offer shopper perks at checkout.

LoyaltyBoost is designed to be a simple integration into a retailer’s existing reward points ecosystem via AdsPostX’s existing web and mobile SDKs. The technology passes back real-time offer engagement events via a sophisticated relay system that records conversions and gives retailers the power to issue an assortment of rewards - including points that get posted back to the customer’s loyalty wallet. This helps retailers generate incremental post-purchase revenue and repeat visits while also rewarding shopper behavior to build long-term brand affinity.

AdsPostX ingests these signals to help the retailer provide the best offers for higher conversion so that everybody wins – retailers drive incremental revenue, shoppers get extra perks for engaging with valuable offers and advertisers get high quality conversions at low acquisition cost.

“Loyalty rewards are a key way to foster deeper connections between retailers and their customers. What better moment to strengthen these connections than after someone has just completed a purchase? A customer could view an offer that unlocks rewards points for a future purchase. Everybody wins. The customer gets their points or a coupon, the retailer generates both incremental revenue and the propensity for future purchases from that customer, and the advertiser promoting the offer gains customer loyalty as well. Loyalty and post-transaction advertising are a natural fit,” said Roj Niyogi, Chief Product Officer at AdsPostX.

According to the 2022 State of Brand Loyalty survey by Yotpo, 83% of global respondents said belonging to a loyalty program influences their decision to buy again from a brand. LoyaltyBoost is open to retailers that want to strengthen connections with shoppers during key shopping moments such as post-checkout. Retailers interested in learning how brands can use LoyaltyBoost to provide more value to shoppers should contact AdsPostX.

Earlier this year, CitrusAd and AdsPostX announced a global retail media partnership that empowers retailers to provide relevant ads through a customer’s complete shopping experience. LoyaltyBoost is the latest enhancement to AdsPostX’s retail media platform and follows quickly on the OmniSDK, designed to gain advanced signals and sophisticated data to progress incremental sales across the shopper journey, taking retail media to the next level.

About AdsPostX

AdsPostX provides scalable retail media technology for retailers and brands to deliver endemic and non-endemic ads and multiply sales across the path-to-purchase. AdsPostX is powered by Nexos, a proprietary targeting technology, which allows relevant offers to be served at the most opportune times and locations throughout the shopper journey. AdsPostX builds disruptive ad technology to advance retail media by extracting rich data points to optimize RMNs and help brands build more effective campaigns that generate net new growth. The technology expands RMNs attracting both endemic and non-endemic advertisers to engage with shoppers resulting in incremental revenue and increased average order values while driving brand and retail loyalty. To learn more, visit


Tracy Nappier


Tracy Nappier