TPG Launches Anna, the AI Engine That Powers TPG’s Customer Experience Platform, for Insight Into Customer Interactions, Sentiment, and Agent Effectiveness

The Anna AI technology is built from 25-years of customer interaction insight that replaces outdated speech analytics products.


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Meet Anna.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--()--TPG Inc., a leading provider of customer experience analysis services and solutions to Fortune 500® listed organizations, today announced the general availability of Anna™, the AI-powered customer experience analysis platform that can evaluate 15,000% more interactions than a human analyst at similar accuracy rates. Anna™ can evaluate 100% of the interaction population eliminating sample-based evaluations and provide a view into every voice call and chat communication with customers.

Organizations are faced with a rapidly growing need to continuously retrain front-line agents and improve sales results, operate cost-efficient service operations, and quickly identify negative customer sentiment to initiate corrective actions all while maintaining regulatory compliance. Anna™ provides a scalable solution that can be deployed rapidly to understand agent sales and service effectiveness, compliance and regulatory adherence, communication delivery, and customer sentiment.

“Today, organizations rely upon sample-based binary decision analysis and review of customer interactions. These limited reviews take weeks to perform and evaluate, leaving most of the interactions unevaluated. This small sample set and long latency instill significant business risk waiting for interpretation and reporting of the findings,” said Lisa DeFalco, Chief Executive Officer, TPG Inc.

“Anna leads the industry by delivering a solution to deeply understand customer interactions and evaluate Agent skills embedded within each call. With over 25-years of data and analysis expertise, the purpose-built AI powering Anna is modeled to understand what motivates customers, sentiment, compliance infractions, and specific attributes observed,” concluded DeFalco.

Anna™ goes beyond traditional speech-to-text methodologies in call and chat evaluation. In less than a minute, Anna™ uses advanced machine learning to make over 1800 decisions for each interaction evaluated. Anna’s next-generation AI engine brings several advancements to the customer experience industry:

  • Operates 15,000% faster than human analysts
  • Expands to evaluate 100% of the population of calls
  • Eliminates sample-based evaluations
  • Understands behavioral-based attributes of a call versus binary decision from speech analytics.
  • Processes complex attributes that traditional speech-to-text cannot
  • Identifies 20 complex communication and sentiment attributes

About TPG, Inc.

TPG delivers intelligent customer experience solutions through AI analysis backed by 25 years of customer interaction insights. With capabilities ranging from acquisition to risk management, TPG helps our clients develop deeper customer connections, resolution, and loyalty with customers and prospects. TPG has offered customer experience solutions to Fortune 500 clients for over two decades. In 1996, TPG became the first dedicated professional services firm to provide independent quality assurance services to measure contact center customer experience. TPG has advanced customer experience insights by blending AI and human intelligence while leveraging 25 years of proprietary learnings.

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Paul Hineman
Chief Customer Officer

Release Summary

TPG Launches Anna, The AI engine that powers TPG’s Customer Experience Platform.


Paul Hineman
Chief Customer Officer