Nucleus RadioPharma Announces Appointment of Chris McDonald from Kite, a Gilead Company, to Board of Directors

Chris McDonald (Photo: Business Wire)

ROCHESTER, Minn.--()--Nucleus RadioPharma, the world’s first fully integrated development, manufacturing, and supply chain organization for radiopharmaceuticals, today announced the appointment of Chris McDonald, Global Head of Technical Operations at Kite, a Gilead Company, to its Board of Directors. This addition underscores Nucleus RadioPharma's focus on operational excellence and its commitment to research and development, specifically tailored to the unique demands of the radiopharmaceutical sector.

With the industry shifting towards isotopes that demand rapid production and distribution, McDonald's appointment is timely. His background in overseeing complex projects, including the design and launch of Kite’s East Coast manufacturing facility and leading the construction of a high-volume cell therapy manufacturing facility, directly addresses the unique challenges faced by Nucleus RadioPharma. His leadership roles at AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Amgen, where he was instrumental in managing intricate manufacturing processes and executing significant capital projects, showcase his capability to navigate the intricacies of the biopharmaceutical industry.

“Chris's unparalleled expertise in biopharmaceutical operations and his stellar track record in managing complex, high-tech manufacturing facilities are a perfect match for our ambitious goals,” said Charles Conroy, CEO of Nucleus RadioPharma. “His leadership in constructing some of the industry's most advanced facilities demonstrates his mastery in navigating the unique challenges of our sector. With Chris on board, we are poised to transform the radiopharmaceutical industry, making cancer treatments more accessible and saving the lives of patients with cancer. His addition to our team signals a new era of innovation and growth for Nucleus RadioPharma.”

McDonald shared his vision for his role. “I look forward to contributing my technical expertise to the specialized production and distribution demands of the radiopharmaceutical industry and aiding Nucleus RadioPharma’s innovative efforts in this dynamic field.”

Radiopharmaceuticals provide precise cancer treatment, but currently, less than 1% of patients benefit from this therapy, according to Nucleus RadioPharma Chief Scientific Officer, Geoff Johnson, MD, PhD. Their potential to minimize healthy tissue damage is hampered by significant adoption barriers. The complex supply chain, likened to managing a melting ice cube, requires precise timing due to the perishable nature of radioactive materials, limiting patient access. Nucleus RadioPharma is leading the way in addressing these challenges by improving manufacturing and supply chain efficiency, aiming to expand the availability of radiopharmaceuticals as a promising frontier in oncology.

About Nucleus RadioPharma

Nucleus RadioPharma is an innovative CDMO in the radiopharmaceutical industry, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of targeted radiotherapies. With an emphasis on innovation and quality, the company provides an array of services, from formulation and analytical development to regulatory documentation and drug product manufacturing. Nucleus RadioPharma’s technology platforms are at the forefront of radiopharmaceutical research, designed to advance new therapies through clinical trials to commercialization. Recognized for its flexible approach, the company offers multiple onboarding points to accommodate innovators at various stages of their product lifecycle. Backed by Eclipse, GE HealthCare, Echo Global, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Granger Management, Mayo Clinic, Mercy Health, and University of Missouri, Nucleus RadioPharma stands well-supported by leading institutions and organizations committed to advancing healthcare through innovative solutions. Please visit for more information.


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