HyperLight Expands Electro-Optical Modulator Product Line to 110GHz, 65GHz, and 20GHz with Sub-Volt Half-Wave Voltage

HyperLight's Range of Electro-Optic Modulators (Photo: Business Wire)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--HyperLight, the leading provider of integrated electro-optical modulators (EOMs), is proud to announce the expansion of its intensity modulator series. This announcement underscores HyperLight’s continued commitment to cutting edge innovation of photonics integrated circuits (PICs).

  • Last year, HyperLight introduced the industry’s first 110 GHz Intensity Modulator which is connectorized with a W-type (1.0 mm) RF connector and standard single-mode-fiber connectors. It is currently deployed in key sectors including test and measurement, R&D, and radio-over-fiber.
  • HyperLight is adding a new low half-wave-voltage (Vπ) 65 GHz Intensity Modulator to its modulator line-up. It features a record-low Vπ of 1.4 V and utilizes a V-type (1.85 mm) RF connector. By combining breakthrough Vπ with industry-competitive pricing and wavelength coverage across O, C, and L bands, this modulator provides a compelling alternative to traditional solutions at this frequency range.
  • Concurrently, HyperLight is unveiling the 20 GHz Ultra Low Vπ Intensity Modulator, achieving a groundbreaking Vπ of < 1V while maintaining low insertion loss. This level of performance, previously unattainable in the commercial market, is set to redefine the landscape for radio-over-fiber applications, notably within aerospace and defense, as well as in the advancement of 5G/6G technologies. By significantly reducing the noise figure in the radio-over-fiber link, HyperLight’s sub-Volt Vπ EOMs promise to be transformative.

HyperLight's modulators are based on proprietary high-bandwidth and low-voltage thin film lithium niobate (TFLN) PIC technology. With nearly a decade of leadership and innovation in TFLN technology development, the HyperLight team has perfected the designs and manufacturing processes that enable unprecedented performance levels in its product offerings.

“HyperLight's cutting-edge TFLN technology and 110GHz EOM have enabled Thorlabs to bring to market the MX110 line of high-bandwidth transmitter products that meet the ever-advancing needs of leading communications R&D customers,” says Janis Valdmanis, General Manager of the Ultrafast Optoelectronics group at Thorlabs. “HyperLight was the first company to produce commercial-grade packaged modulators that successfully exceeded the 110GHz bandwidth requirement and is now showing the potential to go to even lower drive voltages.”

“HyperLight is committed to bringing to market best-in-class EOMs integrated at scale, addressing the growing need for a high performing, fundamental electro-optic building block across multiple industries including datacom, telecom, test and measurement, and radio-over-fiber,” says Mian Zhang, CEO of HyperLight. “These two new products are examples of the transformative capabilities that our team is excited to bring to the world.”

HyperLight will showcase its latest EOM offerings at the 2024 OFC Conference, March 25-28, in San Diego, California, and at the 2024 CLEO Conference, May 7-9, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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