Kubiya Unveils Groundbreaking AI Agents for Platform Engineering

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Kubiya.ai, a pioneering force in Artificial Intelligence for Platform Engineering, proudly announces the launch of its DevOps Digital Agents. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in revolutionizing infrastructure operations and development practices, as Kubiya redefines the Internal Developer Portal (IDP) landscape with innovative self-service capabilities.

Kubiya's DevOps Agents herald a new era of software development, empowering organizations to streamline complex tasks, queries, and operations through a conversational AI-powered IDP. Complemented by an industry-first DevOps Digital Agent, these innovations enable advanced multi-step, multi-model orchestration of actions, queries, and tasks, culminating in end-to-end process automation previously achievable only by elite operations teams.

While AI powered DevOps automation has focused on low-hanging use-cases, Kubiya's AI Agents transcend these limitations, empowering experienced practitioners to seamlessly chain together cross-functional processes. From planning and applying Terraform modules to merging GitHub pull request, managing Kubernetes deployments, or even JIRA ticket creation, Kubiya serves as an indispensable teammate, augmenting teams' capabilities and efficiency.

Amit Eyal Govrin, CEO of Kubiya, shares his enthusiasm for the company's recent developments: "The overwhelming excitement from both our community and customers underscores the transformative impact of our AI Agents. Since their introduction earlier this year, we've witnessed a remarkable surge in adoption, reflecting the tangible benefits in terms of freedom, productivity, and improved SLAs. We're immensely proud of our achievements."

With a steadfast commitment to enterprise-grade security and architecture, Kubiya ensures the highest standards of security, reliability and trustworthiness. Featuring a hybrid SaaS implementation and advanced compliance features such as JIT elevated permissions and natural language policies, Kubiya is setting the groundwork for the future of cloud operations, an industry first autonomous DevOps operator.

As anticipation builds for KubeCon Paris, Kubiya is poised to take center stage at one of the most highly anticipated Cloud Native events of the year. Amidst a landscape where AI is no longer a buzzword but a driving force for Platform Engineering's future, Kubiya stands at the forefront, shaping industry standards.

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About Kubiya.ai:

Kubiya.ai is a cutting-edge DevOps automation company dedicated to standardizing data, processes, and automation through language. Founded with the vision of democratizing platform engineering self-service for all organizational users, Kubiya continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the DevOps automation industry.