Kubiya unlocking DevOps super powers with its next-gen Co-Pilots



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Kubiya showing off its AWS Co-Pilot Skills

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Kubiya.ai, a pioneering leader in DevOps Artificial Intelligent Agents, is excited to announce the launch of its next generation suite of domain specific Co-Pilots. Kubiya is reinventing the way organizations build software by democratizing the self-service of complex tasks, queries, and operations with a conversational AI-powered personal DevOps assistant. The co-pilot’s groundbreaking feature, the ability to natively interact with any tool and chain together multiple purpose-built agents, each with domain specific knowledge, trained on fine-tuned LLMs, allows for seamless and natural communication between developers and their engineering platforms making DevOps support accessible and extensible to the entire organization.

Kubiya leverages popular open source project LangChain, and exemplifies a push towards agent based frameworks as a way to create operational efficiency, predictability and accountability using LLMs in customer production environments. “This is another big win for Intelligent Agents within the Enterprise. As an elegant implementation built on top of our ecosystem, Kubiya’s cloud operations use case is a text-book example of how chaining agents can be used to solve real-world pain in a meaningful way,” said Harrison Chase, CEO of LangChain.

Kubiya benefits the entire team, reducing DevOps bottlenecks, improving developer productivity and experience, reducing context switching, and streamlining all collaboration and communication between teams all while increasing standardization and quality. The result is faster deployment times, increased security, more efficient uses of resources, and more time for innovation.

Kubiya is taking a bold approach to Platform Engineering with innovations in intelligent agents. Amit Eyal Govrin, CEO of Kubiya adds, “This one just feels different. We are excited to introduce our next generation suite of Co-Pilots and allow our users to interact with a system that very much feels like a person on the other end. With an ability to wrap conversational AI around engineering and DevOps platforms and realize substantial operational efficiency, we are firm believers this will change how organizations approach hiring for knowledge workers in the future. I see a world where your company’s next DevOps hire begins with a subscription to Kubiya.”

Kubiya is committed to empowering users on its next generation co-pilot platform with both a self-service free trial plan and an open sandbox environment. Users can access the platform through the signup page at www.kubiya.ai/signup. Kubiya will also be KubeCon NA and DevOps Days Tel Aviv showcasing its new co-pilot talents.

About Kubiya.ai:

Kubiya.ai is a cutting-edge DevOps automation company dedicated to standardizing data, processes and automation through language. Founded with the vision of democratizing platform engineering self service to all organizational users, Kubiya continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the DevOps automation industry. For more information, please visit www.kubiya.ai.