GGWP Now Protects and Nurtures Player Experiences For Over 25 Game Companies

Unity, thatgamecompany, Fatshark, Dreamhaven, Sandbox, and others Partner with GGWP to Create Safer Online Gaming Communities

GGWP is the Preferred Partner of the Next Generation of Multiplayer Games as well as Beloved Developers with Large Communities, Serving All Genres and Audiences

SAN FRANCISCO--()--GGWP, a positive play platform, is quickly becoming the gold standard for the world’s best games to protect and nurture their communities. GGWP now helps more than 25 iconic companies – including thatgamecompany, Unity, Dreamhaven, Fatshark, Omeda Studios, and Sandbox -- protect their player experiences with proactive, AI-powered moderation and shape player behavior through prosocial reinforcement and feedback loops.

GGWP’s platform can effectively manage communities of all types, from competitive online games to cozy worlds and kids’ games, to virtual worlds. GGWP’s AI-powered platform allows partners to proactively detect and review an average of 30x more incidents. Additionally, for triaged events for manual review, the GGWP platform facilitates a reduction of average review time by 75% for these prioritized cases.

“Healthy communities and safety are critical to the player experience in games and online worlds,” said Dennis Fong, co-founder of GGWP. “So many people spend a significant amount of their social time online, in diverse types of online games. Our mission is to have the right tools for game companies to protect players, build great communities and deliver the best online experience in any kind of game.”

GGWP is the first comprehensive moderation platform that works to holistically combat harmful and disruptive player behavior through a variety of best-in-class solutions. Since it became free to implement in August, GGWP has seen notable growth across various gaming genres, including first-person shooters, survival crafting games and VR experiences. From Warhammer 40,000: Darktide to Toontown Rewritten, these games utilize GGWP to solve complex problems with chat moderation and in-game toxicity to build healthy in-game communities for their players.

Additionally, the rising group of startup developers focused on making online games are making community health a priority and partnering with GGWP early in their games’ release and live service.

"We chose GGWP as our chat moderation partner to power Unity's SafeText product after careful consideration and diligence that revealed best-in-class model performance, along with an innovative roadmap to maintain leadership in the space,” said Benjy Boxer, VP & GM of Unity Cloud, “Additionally, it was important to us to find the right partner based on a shared mission to create a safe and positive gaming environment for everyone who plays. We are eager to continue to collaborate with GGWP to advance our Communication and Safety Suite."

“Building communities that are welcoming is really important to us,” said Brian Knox, Director of Platform Services, Dreamhaven. “GGWP’s technology helps us accomplish this by providing powerful tools that will help create a framework for what positive play looks like on day one. We’re excited to be partnering with GGWP to create a safe and inclusive community for our games.”

"GGWP has been a key partner in building a healthy and inclusive environment within Fatshark games. Their content scanning service has allowed us to improve and scale up the detection of names going against our terms and conditions, and reducing toxicity within the game. As a company focusing on Co-Op experiences, healthy communities are a top priority for us," said Rodrigue Delrue at Fatshark.

All developers now have access to GGWP’s entire suite of products – the same ones some AAA studios have been using – with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, and no minimum commitments kicking in beyond the free tier. Custom pricing and volume discounts are available for larger games. GGWP’s solutions work on any platform including web, PC, mobile, and consoles.

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