Grammarly Helps Databricks Elevate Customer Trust and Efficiency With Its AI Writing Assistance

Leading enterprise saves $1.4 million in productivity, realizes 1,994% ROI, and up-levels its brand and customer experience with Grammarly’s comprehensive AI writing assistance

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Grammarly, the company helping over 30 million people and 70,000 teams work smarter and faster wherever they write, today announced that Databricks is increasing productivity and delivering an exceptional customer experience to over 10,000 organizations globally with Grammarly’s AI writing assistance. As the leading provider of a unified data platform, Databricks uses Grammarly as an AI writing partner to quickly produce higher-quality content and communications, maintain brand consistency and credibility, and reallocate time to more strategic work as it scales.

At a time when many companies are still sorting their AI strategies or racing to gain a return on their investments, Grammarly’s AI writing support delivers significant and wide-ranging business results for Databricks. Based on proprietary analytics insights and findings from an ROI study conducted by third-party research firm Nucleus Research,¹ using Grammarly enabled Databricks to:

  • Save $1.4 million in productivity annually for 1,994% ROI¹
  • Receive payback in 1.2 months¹
  • Improve 71% of communications this year to date

“AI offers a massive strategic advantage when done right, and Databricks is a clear example of what this looks like in practice,” said Matt Rosenberg, Grammarly Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Grammarly for Business. “Databricks is not only saving significant time and costs with Grammarly’s AI writing support, but also creating a world-class experience for its customers, refocusing on work that matters most, and doing it all at scale. That’s the real value of AI, and we’re proud to help it come to life at such a renowned innovator like Databricks.”

As Databricks rapidly grew all areas of its business, deploying Grammarly enabled the company to manage a surging volume of content and communications while delivering a consistent brand experience. Grammarly’s in-line writing suggestions around clarity, accuracy, conciseness, and tone help team members across marketing, sales, support, IT, finance, engineering, and legal interact more effectively and reduce time spent on day-to-day work. Implementing a custom style guide took this further by providing a scalable way to protect Databricks’ brand reputation as it grows, standardizing teams on company language, messaging, and style preferences.

Databricks’ lean marketing team saw especially pronounced results, cutting costly time spent drafting and reviewing content as they churned out over 2,100 documents annually. With Grammarly helping to ensure content is clear, compelling, and on-brand, copywriters and editors have reduced editing time by 50%¹ and save 540 hours each year¹ on content development—time they’re reinvesting into more creative and impactful work.

“Grammarly is always there helping us every day,” said Neil Hamilton, Head of Editorial at Databricks. “I used to spend 20-30 hours a week reviewing, rewriting, and coaching. Grammarly has cut that by at least half, taking a lot of the grunt work off our plates so we can focus on what you could call the ‘magic.’ That’s allowed my team to scale our work in a way we couldn’t possibly have without it.”

Beyond marketing, Databricks’ support team is saving significant time and quickly meeting customer needs with high quality and consistency. Grammarly empowers the team of over 100 highly skilled technical support engineers—most of whom are non-native English speakers—to engage with customers more clearly, confidently, and with the right tone and empathy. That’s resulted in less back-and-forth and more meaningful interactions, improving time to resolution by 25% and increasing the average number of cases closed annually by 10-15%.¹

“Grammarly is priceless; it’s very difficult to imagine doing our work without it,” said Narsi Subramanian, Vice President of Support at Databricks. “Grammarly empowers our frontline support engineers to come across their most polished across all platforms, and you just can’t put a dollar figure on what that does for our trust with customers.”

Because Grammarly acts as a real-time writing coach helping people learn the more they use it, Databricks has also been able to efficiently onboard and upskill teams while reducing hiring and training costs. Grammarly saves Databricks $58,000 annually¹ by eliminating the need for a dedicated writing course for its support team (totaling $50,000) and a required writing exercise for new hires (totaling $8,000).

As Databricks continues to grow, Grammarly’s insights and analytics help teams continuously improve to realize even greater benefits. And Databricks can scale knowing it has a partner with over 14 years of expertise in secure, private, and responsible AI. Grammarly has the most comprehensive security certifications of any AI writing assistance company and never sells customer data.

To learn more about how Databricks is at the forefront of solving the world’s toughest data problems, visit For more on how Grammarly’s AI writing assistance changes how work gets done, visit

Additional Resources:

¹Nucleus Research: Grammarly ROI case study: Databricks. October 2023.

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Leading enterprise saves $1.4 million in productivity, realizes 1,994% ROI, and up-levels its brand and customer experience with Grammarly.

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