Spotnana First To Build Capability For Managing Unused Tickets Across Multiple Airline Content Channels

Announces ability for travelers to redeem unused ticket credits across EDIFACT and NDC airfares

NEW YORK--()--Spotnana, the world’s first Travel-as-a-Service platform modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry, announced new advanced capabilities for travelers to redeem unused airline ticket credits on a self-service basis. Spotnana is the first company to enable travelers to redeem unused ticket credits for both EDIFACT and NDC airfares. In addition, Spotnana has expanded its direct NDC integration with American Airlines and is the first to allow travelers to redeem an unused ticket credit for an EDIFACT-based booking toward the purchase of an NDC fare.

“Spotnana added support for NDC redemptions of EDIFACT-based flight credits in a matter of weeks,” said Anthony Rader, Director of Airline Retailing Technology at American Airlines. “Their next-generation modern infrastructure is ideally suited for NDC, and we look forward to working together to bring new innovations to market.”

During the booking process, travelers using Spotnana can now view their unused ticket credits, clearly see which flights allow a credit redemption, and apply the value of a credit toward the purchase of a flight. If multiple unused ticket credits can be redeemed for the same flight, travelers have the option to choose which credit they prefer to use.

Since Spotnana provides a single unified platform for both travelers and agents, any travel agent using Spotnana can apply an unused ticket credit on a traveler’s behalf. In addition, administrators can view reports on unused ticket credits that are outstanding or have been redeemed, gaining valuable insight into a key driver of travel program savings.

These new features further extend Spotnana’s advanced self-service capabilities for changing and canceling flights, which include enabling travelers to modify or cancel flights even if a trip has been partially flown, receive an unused ticket credit for canceling a non-refundable flight, and choose whether to receive either an unused ticket credit or a refund if the amounts differ.

“We have completely automated the most complex flight change and cancellation scenarios, bringing a new level of efficiency to travelers and agents,” said Sarosh Waghmar, Founder and CEO of Spotnana. “In addition, since our modern, microservices-based architecture is content agnostic, it’s easy for us to ensure new capabilities work seamlessly across content sources. This is just the beginning of what we believe is possible.”

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