Startup Invest Inc. Launches First of its Kind Machine-Learning Investment Platform

Offers a $200K Tournament and Exclusive Investment Opportunity for any registered investor

LOS ANGELES--()--Invest Inc., a fintech-adtech hybrid based in Salt Lake City, has announced the official launch of, a groundbreaking machine-learning-first investment research platform that provides retail investors with AI-driven, personalized, institutional-quality market insights and tools for making well-informed investment decisions. This innovative platform grants users access to a wealth of valuable data at little to no cost, making it an essential tool for every investor. Additionally, Invest Inc. offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and public companies to reach a highly engaged audience with the help of a sophisticated AI-powered ad recommendation engine. The self-serve ad portal streamlines campaign management, and various ad formats cater to different marketing goals, making Invest Inc. the go-to platform for advertisers seeking to expand their brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

Building on the success of their groundbreaking platform, Invest Inc. has announced an exciting new development in their mission to level the playing field. The company has revealed the initiation of their $18 million Regulation A+ (SEC Form 1-A) common share offering, providing investors with a unique opportunity to become part of their innovative, AI-driven platform. In addition, Invest Inc. is launching their first ever paper trading tournament, hosted on the Invest Inc. Terminal with a substantial $200k cash prize pool for the top performers.

Invest Inc. emerged from the collective vision of a group of retail investors who were united in their frustration with the fragmented data landscape and limited access to institutional-grade resources. With a shared mission to democratize the world of trading, they set out to build a platform that would empower retail traders by offering them the same cutting-edge tools and resources enjoyed by major wealth management firms, but at minimal or no cost. This ambitious project aimed to balance the scales ensuring that every investor, regardless of background or experience, could harness the full potential of the market.

Invest Inc. is revolutionizing the trading landscape by offering retail investors a unique, AI-powered platform that provides advanced tools and data previously accessible only to major wealth management firms. With a strong emphasis on personalization, Invest Inc. utilizes machine learning to curate relevant news and recommendations, ensuring users stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of finance. The platform's innovative approach and exceptional user experience make it a noteworthy development in the investment sector, garnering attention from investors and traders alike who seek an edge in the market. By providing access to institutional-grade resources, Invest Inc. is set to disrupt the industry.

Invest Inc. has partnered with tZERO Markets, LLC as the exclusive placement agent and broker-dealer of record for their Regulation A+ offering. For more information on the offering circular click here Offering Circular. Or to learn about, interested investors can contact the CEO Marc McNeill at 310-721-7516 or email at

About Invest Inc:

Founded in 2020, Invest Inc. is a Wyoming-based fintech adtech investment research platform. The company operates, offering investors an all-in-one native machine-learning recommendation engine for curated information, insights, and tools. The service also includes an AI-driven recommendation engine for targeted ad delivery, providing unprecedented ad analytics capabilities for increased brand awareness. Visit for more information.


Marc McNeill, CEO