Uniform Adds New Visual Editing and Integration Features, Fulfilling Its Next-Gen Digital Experience Composition Platform

Showcasing market-leading tools, the latest enhancements give digital teams even more flexibility and control, completing Uniform’s digital experience composition platform as the most robust visual workspace available

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Uniform, the leading provider in the emerging software digital experience composition platform (DXCP) category, today announced a series of enhancements to Uniform Canvas and Uniform Mesh. The new features round out Uniform DXCP as the most robust visual workspace, empowering digital teams to deliver winning multichannel experiences. The product releases complete the original promise of headless technologies: the final elements enable brands to visually weave multiple API-powered technologies together to create high-performance digital experiences quickly and with agility.

Uniform’s improved functionality makes creating web and app experiences faster and more flexible for marketers while giving developers a broader scope for building lightning-fast experiences with innovative technology. Below are the technical highlights and enhancements of Canvas and Mesh.

Put Power Back Into the Hands of Marketers

Canvas introduces Uniform Dynamic Pages and Uniform Redirect Manager, two powerful enhancements to the Canvas visual experience builder that offer marketers and merchandisers greater control over product-based experiences.

  • Dynamic Pages enables business users to efficiently adapt and iterate across thousands of webpages, such as product detail pages, to build visual experiences at scale without developer support. No-code templates and custom page creation drive seamless content updates, consistent branding, and improves speed to market.
  • Redirect Manager simplifies URL management through the creation of vanity URLs, activation of fast redirects using a modern content delivery network (CDN), and reliable page access. A visual tool helps business users quickly identify browser errors, improving accuracy and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Freedom To Innovate With Best-of-Breed Tools

Mesh’s enhanced features underpin DXCP capabilities, removing silos, eliminating weeks of manual coding, and freeing developers to work with their tools of choice.

  • Users can utilize any data source for building and reusing front-end components, boosting implementation speed and flexibility.
  • No-code connections to any API, including headless services, legacy platforms, and single-use data sources, along with pre-built connectors for key services.
  • Edgehancers enable cutting-edge performance and automatically push content to a CDN’s edge, enhancing page speed, user experience, and SEO performance without any custom code.

Accelerate Time to Market

Uniform is also launching the Component Starter Kit, an open-source and fully customizable collection of front-end components to streamline ideation for testing and production. Users can easily add these to a component development system like Storybook, and connect to content sources using Mesh.

“The excitement surrounding the new release comes from its ability to empower digital teams and tackle the challenges marketers encounter when delivering high-performing digital experiences,” said Darren Guarnaccia, president, Uniform. “These latest capabilities elevate the visual workspace, enabling true enterprise scalability and seamlessly blends content, data, and technology at remarkable speeds. With enhancements to Canvas, Mesh, and the introduction of the Component Starter Kit, we’re fulfilling the promise of what headless tools initially aimed to achieve. The envisioned future is one where marketers can focus on storytelling and audience engagement, free from the constraints of traditional platforms and processes.”

Read more about how the Canvas and Mesh updated features help digital teams build visually and optimize digital experiences.

About Uniform

Uniform DXCP speeds up time to value for composable experience architecture, lowers development costs, and makes it easy for business users to build digital experiences. A composable orchestration layer for legacy and modern headless systems or any API in Uniform DXCP eliminates the need for complex custom integration code. Instead, available for marketers, merchandisers, and other business users are no-code tools with which to build digital experiences with content from any source—without submitting developer tickets. Furthermore, Uniform DXCP’s high-performance personalization capability, delivered at the edge, raises conversion and CX for all channels.

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Jenny Bradford
Ketner Group Communications (for Uniform)


Jenny Bradford
Ketner Group Communications (for Uniform)