ComplyNet launches AbleAuditor to Help Auto Dealerships Identify, Manage and Mitigate Data Compliance Risk

Leverages the Advertiser Compliance Index (ACI) in Partnership with Compliant

COLUMBUS, Ohio--()--ComplyNet, an automotive exclusive compliance company, today announces the upcoming release of AbleAuditor, a first-to-market solution that is an automated, intelligent discovery and audit tool that will help automotive dealers comply with various compliance obligations.

AbleAuditor, which will be integrated into ComplyNet’s robust compliance platform, will leverage a proprietary product that was developed in partnership with Compliant, the leader in digital marketing and media compliance. Using Compliant’s Advertiser Compliance Index (ACI) to measure and benchmark 31 unique audit points across 6 compliance categories, AbleAuditor will enable auto dealers to identify, measure and manage their website data compliance risks, helping minimize their exposure to regulatory action, fines and reputational damage.

Based on a large sampling of auto dealership websites, Compliant revealed 42 percent are at risk of having their customer data shared with unintended third parties. With several states now having digital privacy laws, and consumer demand for interstate automobile sales continuing to accelerate, dealers need to address the gap in their compliance efforts.

ComplyNet President and General Counsel, Adam Crowell, stated, "ComplyNet understands the challenges businesses face in safeguarding personal and company data. By launching AbleAuditor, and leveraging cutting-edge tools like Compliant’s Advertiser Compliance Index, we're offering advanced solutions that not only protects our clients but also empowers them to identify and navigate complex regulations with ease. We believe that AbleAuditor will revolutionize compliance and set new industry standards."

Compliant CEO, Jamie Barnard, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with ComplyNet to help their automotive dealership customers manage and mitigate their consumer data compliance risks. For the first time, automotive dealers can identify their website compliance risks and take remedial actions. This partnership marks another way in which Compliant is enabling businesses to meet their privacy compliance obligations as well as their ethical obligations to consumers.”

AbleAuditor will be embedded within ComplyNet's solutions platform, and the tool will harness the power of Compliant’s proprietary algorithms, industry-endorsed scoring and ratings methodology, and recommendations engine, to help keep dealers more compliant considering the increasing number of privacy laws in the United States. By utilizing AbleAuditor in this capacity, companies can streamline their risk assessment process and gain comprehensive insights into their data security practices.

Key Features of AbleAuditor for website privacy compliance:

  • Enhanced Data Protection: By testing more than 30 unique factors of website compliance, AbleAuditor ensures Auto Dealers are not inadvertently sharing consumer data with third-party tech partners.
  • Risk Mitigation: Using Compliant’s Advertiser Compliance Index (ACI) as well as actionable Dealer e-Tasks, companies can proactively address identified compliance risks, reduce data leakage, and minimize their exposure to regulatory enforcement.
  • Streamlined Compliance Audit: AbleAuditor automates the consumer privacy and data compliance audit process, saving time, money and resources for dealers.

Joe McMahon, Executive Director of the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association, commended the increased support AbleAuditor will provide to automotive dealerships, “Auto dealers have an obligation to comply with increasingly complex consumer data compliance regulations as well as consumer expectations around privacy. With regulatory enforcement creating potentially huge punitive risk and brand damage, the AbleAuditor solution is an easy way for our industry to make data compliance simpler and more achievable.”

AbleAuditor will be available to ComplyNet's customers in July.

For more information about AbleAuditor and ComplyNet's Complete Compliance Solutions, visit ComplyNet here.

Notes for the Editor

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About ComplyNet: Founded in 1994 to address the unique risks for auto dealers in the compliance arena, ComplyNet has grown to be the only company in the US to offer a full set of compliance services for dealers. ComplyNet’s Complete Compliance solution was exclusively built to serve the needs of the Automotive Industry.

About Compliant: Founded in 2022, Compliant is a compliance technology company for digital marketing, offering risk management solutions to brands and publishers. The lack of transparency in the digital supply chain means that unlawful and unethical data practices go unseen, potentially exposing companies to irreparable harm. Compliant gives the digital ad industry the tools it needs to be compliant amidst ever-evolving privacy regulations and consumer expectations. The company’s data compliance suite of solutions measures systematic privacy and compliance risks across the entire media ecosystem, allowing companies to benchmark risk by market, category and brand. This industry-leading scoring system has been used in thousands of compliance audits across the world's leading advertiser and publisher sites.


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Tamara Holmes
+1 847.878.2134