Organic Search Serves Critical Role in Brand Building, New Survey Reports

Study shows over half of U.S. and UK consumers trust a brand more when it organically ranks higher in their search results

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NEW YORK--()--More than half (51%) of people place more trust in a brand that ranks high in natural or organic search results than one that appears as a sponsored or paid advertisement, according to a poll of 4,000 UK and U.S. consumers by Botify, the leading performance marketing platform for organic search.

High organic search rankings were cited as one of the top five factors in determining the degree to which respondents trust a brand, alongside positive online reviews (60%); positive media coverage (54%); television adverts (42%) and radio adverts (36%).

Trust in brands always matters. But, during times of economic downturn it is more important than ever, as additional financial factors weigh into shoppers’ buying decisions.

In times such as these, buyers are thinking more consciously about their purchases. But when they already have established trust in a brand, over a quarter (28%) of UK and U.S. shoppers say they will stay loyal forever – through both good and bad times. To maintain such strong trust, brand investment and quality communications must continue, even more so through tough economic conditions.

While the latest UK and U.S. consumer spending figures highlight shoppers are reining in spending on both sides of the Atlantic, this shift highlights that brands must stay relevant to consumers during the early search and discovery stage and take into consideration the vital role a brand’s website plays in building trust.

When looking at a brand’s website, the factors consumers say impacts their trust most are;

  1. Accuracy and relevance of content (33%)
  2. Easy on-site navigation (32%)
  3. Ease of finding products or services (25%)

A poor website experience will also cause a fifth of consumers in the UK and the U.S. to lose trust, according to the research. These findings show that providing consumers with the content they need, when they need it, and in a way that they are happy with, is critical to building trust.

“These findings prove that online experiences greatly contribute to how brands build trust and authority among customers,” said Adrien Menard, Co-Founder and CEO at Botify. “Search visibility is a key element in creating that trust—particularly during economic challenges. As organic search can generate 3x more return than traditional advertising campaigns, it’s a strategic channel marketers should continue investing in to ensure they are found whenever customers are searching to build and maintain trust.”

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Deborah D’Costa (UK) / Natasha Koleas (U.S.)

Release Summary

Botify research shows that organic search serves a critical role in brand building.


Deborah D’Costa (UK) / Natasha Koleas (U.S.)