Veero® Launches EyeSize, A Software Solution That Uses Advanced AI and Computer-Vision Technology to Achieve Precise Virtual Eyewear Fitting

Exact facial measurements optimize frame fit, comfort, and style to improve customer experience and reduce returns

BOSTON--()--AI-software innovator Veero® today introduced Veero® EyeSize, a virtual-fit solution for eyewear retailers that uses a combination of proprietary AI and computer-vision technology to deliver precise frame fitting, reduce returns, and optimize the online shopping experience.

Veero® EyeSize instantly recognizes hundreds of points on a customer’s face, generating accurate measurements, including pupillary distance, with just a few swipes on any device. The high level of accuracy and cross-platform ease-of-use are significant advances in online eyewear shopping, which has struggled with customer fit and merchandise returns.

Veero® EyeSize integrates with retailers’ online platforms, providing customers with a quick and easy fitting session within the shopping experience. The application calculates precise distances between facial features to optimize frame recommendations for the best fit and comfort.

The leading-edge solution is built on technology originally developed by AI, computer-vision, and AR scientists at Charles River Analytics to customize military and first responders’ lifesaving personal protection equipment.

According to Veero Co-Founder and CTO Stan German, Veero® EyeSize resulted from his own frustration with online eyewear shopping.

“I’ve been through it all buying glasses online,” he said. “Choosing frames should be fun, but I’ve gotten headaches from the wrong PD measurement, frames that are too big, frames that pinch; I’ve ordered four pairs and returned them all. As a research scientist working on computer perception, I knew we had technology to solve these issues for retailers and their customers.”

How Veero® EyeSize works:

  • The virtual fit session launches within the shopping experience, giving users the option to use the camera on their mobile device or computer.
  • iPhone users follow a few short prompts, then measurements automatically upload to continue the shopping experience.
  • Android and computer users follow the same steps while holding a card for scale.
  • Capturing hundreds of datapoints, Veero® EyeSize calculates measurements, including nose bridge, temple arm length, face width, and pupillary distance.
  • Precise facial measurements are uploaded automatically; the retailer site optimizes frame recommendations and includes measurements in the final purchase to ensure proper fit.
  • To protect user privacy, all video and sensor data stays on the user’s device and is destroyed at the end of the session.

Visit for a product demo, and find the Veero® team at Vision Expo East, March 16-19, Javits Convention Center, NYC, Booth F3154.

About Veero

Veero is a solutions company applying advanced AI, AR and computer-vision engineering to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The company was born out of the deep capabilities of its parent company, Charles River Analytics, a leading-edge research and development firm that creates human-centered intelligence systems. Although operating independently, Veero benefits from access to some of the most brilliant minds in AI, AR and visionary software engineering. Both firms are headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Visit


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