Reulay Inc Announces Results From Study That Highlights the Effects of Reulay’s Digital Video and VR Platform for the Alleviation of Anxiety, Emotional Distress, and Distraction

NEW YORK--()--Reulay, a research-backed mental health platform using AI to match anxiety states to brain-based interventions, today announced data that further underscores the effectiveness of Reulay’s digital video & VR therapeutics.

Mayo Clinic published findings from a pilot study in which healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced statistically significant improvements in anxiety, emotional distress, and focus, while using the Reulay platform.

“We are very encouraged by this preliminary data”, said Reulay’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Srini Pillay. “The Mayo Clinic study was pivotal to our continued research and development. The fact that anxiety, emotional distress, and focus all improved after the Reulay platform was engaged gives us reason to further refine how we optimize and personalize this treatment effect. For a long time, we have known how debilitating anxiety can be, even to the extent that it can shorten lives given the high degree of comorbidity with medical illnesses. This lays the groundwork for us to show that the Reulay platform can impact the quality and quantity of lived years.”

Patrick Candela, Reulay CEO stated, “According to the World Health Organization, in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%. Several studies have shown that more than half of all frontline workers are experiencing burnout, with little available to help them deal with this. Reulay’s virtual therapeutic platform now introduces a new mental health solution.”

The study was led by Dr. Ivana Croghan at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Croghan commented, “The use of the VR among healthcare providers has promise for reducing stress among this very important service sector during a high stress period.”

The study results showed the following:

  • 96% of participants felt relaxed after seeing the imagery
  • 96% would participate in the study again and would recommend it to others
  • With respect to anxiety (as measured by the STAI Y1), the VR "Walk in the Woods" had the greatest reduction from pre to post followed by VR "Forest of Focus"
  • All 4 sessions had a significant decrease in score from pre to post (P-values ≤.005)

Dr. Ravi Netravali, Reulay’s Chief Technology Officer, stated, "Reulay is taking a data-centric, brain-based approach to characterizing the relationship between human minds and visual stimuli, and using that insight to practically improve mental health. The results from this study are a nice validation of the effectiveness of our video-based therapeutics, and set the stage for our team to further push forward on a data-powered recommendation engine that delivers the right interventions at the right times to really help people when they need it most."

Read the full pilot study here:

About Reulay:

Founded by leading psychiatrists and AI researchers, REULAY’s research-backed mental health platform leverages AI to match anxiety-states to brain-based interventions across VR & Mobile.

REULAY is currently being adopted in corporations, professional sports teams, and healthcare systems as a mental wellbeing benefit to increase resilience, focus, and mental performance.

REULAY is advancing a pipeline of XR digital therapeutics for unmet needs across wellbeing, anxiety disorders, and the prevention of chronic diseases.


Chris Scott


Chris Scott