Fireside Launches Revolutionary Interactive Storytelling Platform

Founded by Falon Fatemi, Mark Cuban & Mike Ihbe, Fireside Empowers Professional Creators With Unique, Patented Technology to Help Them Reach & Grow Their Audiences

Fireside Creators Launching New Types of Interactive Shows Rivaling the Feel & Presence of Live Stage Events by Engaging with Audience Members Live & Making Them Part of the Show


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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fireside launches as a revolutionary new platform for live and interactive shows. Fireside enables professional creators — including podcasters, authors, musicians, television personalities, comedians, business leaders, policy makers and countless others — to engage with and build their audiences in ways that have never before been possible.

Co-founded by Falon Fatemi, Mark Cuban and Mike Ihbe, Fireside empowers established and emerging professional creators to own their relationships with their audience, have complete creative control over their shows and monetize their content in new ways. Fireside has been in private beta for the past several months and has already attracted hundreds of creators with an audience reach of over 100 million.

“In a world where quality content is king, professional creators are cobbling together multiple tools and teams to create, edit, and distribute their content across numerous platforms. This is a cumbersome process and involves too many platforms and middlemen, meaning the creator has less ownership of their own content,” said Falon Fatemi, Fireside CEO and Co-Founder. “Today, the top platforms own audience and analytics, but now with Fireside, the creator actually owns their content, audience, and analytics, can distribute it everywhere and monetize everything. We’re building a future where creators get the tools to create quality shows not possible anywhere else from the palm of their hand. Fireside gives creators the freedom and support to build the media empires of the future.”

“As someone who helped start the streaming industry, I’ve seen it evolve in many ways. The one element that has always been missing is tactile interactivity with audiences,” said Fireside Co-Founder Mark Cuban. “Fireside changes that. With Fireside, creators can now broadcast and achieve the same experience as they would standing on a stage in front of an audience. Our patented, tactile, interactivity not only provides the energy that previously only could be experienced in a live venue. But unlike any venue on the planet, we can provide analytics, letting the creator know how many people clapped, laughed and more. Content creators now have the tools and platform to finally digitally engage their audiences and invent new ways to entertain and inform them.”

Fireside provides an end-to-end production solution on mobile devices that takes the hard work out of content creation, audience engagement, and distribution by enabling professional creators to:

  • Create Quality Interactive Shows: Creators can utilize both audio and video to create live interactive shows from anywhere that are recorded and transcribed, instantly. Creators and audiences interact in a virtual auditorium, which allows the audience to be part of the show, and react and engage with the hosts in real-time.
  • Analyze and Edit Content: Fireside provides creators with analytics so they can see what content is most interesting to their audience, and allows them to quickly edit the content before distributing publicly.
  • Distribute Everywhere: Creators can stream their shows live via a browser or other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Audiences can also consume published replays on demand via browser without requiring any downloads. Through Fireside’s partnership with Libsyn, creators can also turn their shows into a podcast and distribute it across all major podcasting platforms with one tap.
  • Uniquely Monetize: Fireside allows creators to monetize their shows in multiple ways including selling tickets and inserting ads for podcast distribution. Upcoming options include creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their content as well as experiential brand activations.

Fireside is unlocking entire new ways of storytelling not possible on other platforms. For example, creators can bring the audience along with them on location for interactive, live investigations where audiences join the stage via both video and audio for real-time discussions and Q&A.

Currently, Fireside is available on all iOS devices and shows can be consumed through a browser with plans for Android in the near future. For more information or to request access to Fireside, please visit or download Fireside for iOS here.

About Fireside:
The future of entertainment is interactive. Fireside is where the world's greatest creators go to bring the audience into the story through live, interactive, virtual shows. Co-founded by Falon Fatemi, Mark Cuban, and Mike Ihbe, Fireside gives creators the unprecedented ownership and power to distribute shows everywhere with the click of a button, understand what their audiences want with sophisticated analytics and connect with those audiences in real time. The next media empires are emerging on Fireside. For more information or to request access to Fireside, please visit or download Fireside for iOS here.


John Eddy

Release Summary

Fireside launches as a revolutionary new platform for live and interactive shows. Fireside enables creators to engage with and build their audiences.


John Eddy