Nanotronics Unveils New Subscription Model to Transform and Streamline How Manufacturers Maintain Highest Levels of Quality Control and Yield

Pricing model allows for hardware and software upgrades, ongoing technical service and support for the nSpec suite of automated optical inspection tools

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--()--Nanotronics, developer of nSpec, the world’s most advanced robotic microscope for industrial inspection, today launched a subscription pricing model that will lower costs for their customers, increase speed of hardware and software upgrades, and provide quicker access to technical service and support. This seamless integration into manufacturing ensures that Nanotronics’ customers will have access to the latest technologies to support rapid development and innovation and make their quality control more efficient.

“The subscription model provides a better-aligned, more integrated partnership that will enable nSpec to grow with your business,” said Matthew Putman, CEO and co-founder of Nanotronics. “Manufacturers improving their facilities and processes can now easily transition to modular hardware that seamlessly fits into new workflows, incorporating our latest technologies without additional cost.”

Nanotronics' new monthly subscription provides customers with access to the nSpec suite as a service without having to purchase capital equipment. Subscription includes the machine itself, hardware replacements and upgrades, software updates, and technical service and operator training, with configurations geared towards applications and need.

Industry agnostic, Nanotronics’ solutions are integrated throughout various production environments encompassing the aerospace, electronics, and healthcare markets.

“Our systems’ flexibility allows us to develop solutions for a wide-breadth of customers,” said Julie Orlando, Chief Product Officer, Nanotronics. “We create a uniform software and hardware platform that provides our customers with the ability to tailor our systems to meet their specific requirements from front-end substrate manufacturing to back-end packaging and everything in between.”

The subscription model guarantees the latest inspection technology with the ability to scale with your process.

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About Nanotronics

Nanotronics is an advanced machines and intelligence company that has redefined factory control through the invention of a platform that combines AI, automation and sophisticated imaging to assist human ingenuity in detecting flaws and anomalies in manufacturing. A leading developer of optical inspection tools for the semiconductor industry, Nanotronics uses hardware and software to provide industrial-scale, high-throughput, super imaging systems.

Deployed across eight countries and industry agnostic, Nanotronics works with leading-edge companies, from aerospace, to electronics, to healthcare, to drive up yield, reduce footprint and waste, lower costs, and speed up design iteration.

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Jack Kerwin
Business Development Associate ; 212.401.6209