Prosper Insights & Analytics Rich Consumer Purchase Intention Data for US and China Now Available as Part of Bloomberg Alternative Data Catalogue through Bloomberg’s Data Market Place.

WORTHINGTON, Ohio--()--Prosper Insights & Analytics, the creator and curator of the largest monthly fact-based consumer data set including behaviors, motivations, sentiment, and future purchase intentions, announces that its US and China data sets are now available to Bloomberg Data License clients via the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Prosper has been monitoring the pulse of the consumer each month in the US since 2002 and in China since 2007. These well organized and clean data sets contain thousands of data elements covering all aspects of the consumer ecosystem plus future purchase intentions and consumer attitudes regarding ESG initiatives by brands. Bloomberg Data License helps clients to easily integrate highly useful data in context within their analytics and existing workflows.

Since 2001, when Prosper pioneered large scale online research methodologies for the scientific and representative measurement of factual consumer data, their monthly survey has provided timely and accurate insights to a broad spectrum of industry categories from retail, CPG, media, financial services, investments banks, online sites, leading academic institutions throughout the world and database marketing organizations. A trusted partner of the NRF since 2003, Prosper data has been their source for all data on consumer holiday and event spending in addition to trends for spotting shifts in consumer behaviors purchasing decisions. The data can be mined to create more accurate forecast models based upon consumers stated intentions, develop predictive analytics for retail categories or specific retail brands and as a training data set to enhance existing data. A unique aspect of the data is its availability within a week of collection. All data is gathered the first week of the month and available by the 15th.

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point is a web-based data marketplace for clients to easily discover and act on Bloomberg data products. It can be used to browse datasets, examine metadata, download and test sample datasets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within an organization. It provides access to Bloomberg’s One Data offering including standardized reference, regulatory, pricing, and quantitative data.

About Prosper:

Prosper Insights & Analytics provides Market Intelligence/data analytics. Since 2002, Prosper has created the largest scientific monthly survey of consumer behaviors, motivations and intentions representative of the US population. Over 20 years of data are available in a master aggregated dataset to mine, train and create targeting & predictive models.


Phil Rist