ReadiVet Raises Growth Capital to Transition Pet Health Care From Clinic to Home

ReadiVet trades the waiting room for your living room, so you and your pet can stay out of the clinic and on the couch.

DALLAS--()--ReadiVet, a leading provider of on-demand, at-home veterinary care for pets and their parents, is launching its second location in the DFW Metroplex, with more locations in the works. The company is also announcing that it has raised $2.5 million in a Series A round led by Atlanta Seed Company, along with Martin Ventures, Jemison Capital, and others.

The funding comes on the heels of the COVID Pandemic when pet ownership has reached an all-time high. ReadiVet will use the funding to hire new veterinarians, add locations and services, and continue to invest in its proprietary consumer-centric technology platform.

“Traditional veterinary care delivery lacks a focus on customer convenience and experience. ReadiVet works to delight every customer with more consumer-friendly vet care options,” said CEO and Founder Landon Lawson. “This includes simplifying requesting and booking an appointment, no longer schlepping furry friends to and from appointments, and repeating these steps for multi-visit, and provides a full suite of communication tools and points of engagement that enhance pet ownership. ReadiVet is proudly leading the charge towards a more consumer-centric veterinary care delivery model.”

The company estimates over 80% of care can be delivered in the home, resulting in significantly less stress for pets and their owners. In addition, ReadiVet optimizes the care delivery experience for clients and empowers veterinarians to retain clinical autonomy often overlooked in corporate-owned clinics. Their model is built around veterinarians optimizing workflow and making their lives easier to practice best-in-class medicine.

Lawson added, “ReadiVet is also working tirelessly to take the necessary steps to optimize the practice of veterinary medicine for our veterinarians, technicians, and everyone on the team. Our veterinary leadership has been incredibly thoughtful about the what, when, where, and why of care delivery and has been willing to challenge long-held beliefs about the practice of veterinary medicine.”

"With pet ownership on the rise, particularly among millennials, convenience and quality of care will continue to become a major differentiator for service providers in this industry. ReadiVet was built from the ground up to provide the absolute best quality of care for their clientele in the most convenient way possible. As a new dog owner myself, I'm already counting down the days until ReadiVet expands to my area," said Connor Davidson, Partner at Atlanta Seed Company.

“ReadiVet is just getting started. We have plans to accelerate growth by adding new markets rapidly. ReadiVet aligns pet care needs with the best interest of the veterinary provider,” said Jordan Lipson, Principal at Martin Ventures. “The ReadiVet delivery model and veterinarians are fundamentally changing veterinary medicine to deliver higher quality, more convenient care.”

The company has two locations in Dallas, Texas, with six veterinarians and plans to open four clinics in the next 12 months. “We are excited to introduce ReadiVet to additional markets and states in the coming months and the opportunity to partner with veterinarians who are interested in providing an incredible experience without sacrificing their peace of mind to do so,” said Lawson.

About ReadiVet

ReadiVet is a direct-to-consumer, full-service veterinary practice that provides on-demand, in-home veterinary care services. ReadiVet allows pets to have one-on-one attention in the comfort of their home rather than enduring the stress of the traditional veterinary clinic environment. When pets are stressed, their care suffers. Anxiety often restricts how comprehensively they can be examined. With ReadiVet appointments, we spend quality time with each pet and pet parent, answer all their questions, and provide a quality of care that is not feasible inside the walls of a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic.


Landon Lawson

Release Summary

ReadiVet raises growth capital to transition pet health care from clinic to home - trading the waiting room for your living room.


Landon Lawson