Better Rhodes, the Number One Alcohol-Free Marketplace, Unveils its First Top Five Alcohol-Free Wine List

MADISON, Conn.--()--A rapid shift in drinking culture has sparked an unprecedented rise in the availability of alcohol-free beverages. Better Rhodes, the largest alcohol-free community and online retailer in North America, has explored and catalogued AF options, from the lesser known to the more iconic, making them accessible to everyone. Inspired by the world’s great wine lists, Better Rhodes announces its first Top Five Wine Picks, ranking the most innovative and best tasting drinks in the ever-evolving and exciting world of alcohol-free beverages.

Based on quality, value, availability and excitement, the diversity of non-alcoholic drinks on the list showcases the innovation and creativity in this space. The zero-proof botanical drinks on the Better Rhodes Top Five Wine Picks come in options that blend botanicals with fruits challenging us to rethink the way we drink.

There are delicious alcohol-free choices to suit individual tastes and budgets. The Better Rhodes team knows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great tasting alcohol-free wine. They did the hard work for you and based on their selection of over 50 wines and sparklings recommended their favorites.

Better Rhodes’ Top Five Wine Picks are:

1. Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend - the first-ever exquisitely crafted, alcohol-removed wine made with grapes from the Napa Valley Appellation. Its technologically superior alcohol removal process retains the vibrant fruit aromas and flavors that define this red blend. $23.99

2. Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay - an alcohol-free organic vegan Chardonnay that has been de-alcoholized to retain its rich flavor, and with almost half the sugar of other non-alcoholic sparkling wines, it’s the perfect answer for a hangover-free celebration. It boasts an elegant pale color, with a crisp and ripe apple scent, accompanied by a touch of sweetness—great with all kinds of cuisine. $21.99

3. Leitz NV Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling - a fruity yet dry non-alcoholic sparkling made by a respected Riesling producer. Its innovative distillation systems allow the alcohol to be removed at a lower temperature, preserving the wine’s freshness. $20.99

4. Buonafide 0.0 Dry Taste Sparkling Rosato - an alcohol-free dry Italian made with 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes. Fermenting and de-alcoholizing through a natural filtration process allows the wine to retain its organoleptic health benefits, while maintaining an authentic Italian wine taste. Produced in Alto Adige, Italy. $20.99

5. Pierre Zéro Rosé - a French wine with a balanced freshness and fluidity that excites the palette with intense aromas of red fruits. Not drinking alcohol shouldn’t mean missing out on your favorite summer sip. $18.99

“The rise of alcohol-free beverages coincides with the trend to be more inclusive–creating a space that welcomes friends and family who may be abstaining, pregnant, on medication, or embarking on a health journey. The Better Rhodes Top Five Wine Picks can help you discover new flavors, celebrate a special occasion or simply make it through the workday. And they can be enjoyed without the risks associated with alcohol,” said Co-founder and CEO Daniel Stiller.

In addition to its e-commerce platform, Better Rhodes is dedicated to educating consumers about the growing alcohol-free scene and demystifying the many ways people can imbibe. Through its recipe catalogue and engaging mixology demos, it provides guidance to support its members along whatever path they choose in exploring alcohol-free options.

Ideally positioned to meet demand and identify opportunities, including disrupting the traditional retail beverage model through its digital and e-commerce platform, Better Rhodes expertly navigates the fragmented alcohol-free space so that consumers don't have to.

Choosing not to drink can create feelings of isolation and exclusion for those who either can’t or don’t want to drink. With Better Rhodes, everyone can feel welcome and part of the fun.

Hundreds of alcohol-free wines were reviewed for its Top Five Wine Picks using feedback from its Wine Club members and its own tasting panel. The Better Rhodes team knows what they like and know what they have recommended is superior to what most people have experienced in this space. Learn more at


Jill Lewis,, 416-710-4460



Jill Lewis,, 416-710-4460