S2 Genomics Announces Canada Distribution Partnership for the Singulator™ 100 System With D-Mark Biosciences to Accelerate Single-Cell Research.

LIVERMORE, Calif.--()--S2 Genomics, Inc., today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with D-Mark Biosciences for the promotion, sales, and support of S2’s Singulator™ 100 System and associated products for single-cell genomics and cell biology applications in Canada.

“Canada is experiencing significant growth in single-cell genomic and cell biology markets, creating a need for improved single-cell preparation solutions,” said Dr. Stevan Jovanovich, S2 Genomics’ Chief Executive Officer, “We are excited to welcome D-Mark Biosciences as a key partner for S2 Genomics. D-Mark Biosciences is the premier life sciences distributor for Canada and expanding our commercialization efforts with D-Mark represents a significant milestone for S2 Genomics.”

S2 Genomics’ Singulator 100 system provides consistent isolation of single cells or nuclei from solid tissue samples, essential to producing high-quality single-cell data from difficult tissue types. The Singulator 100 system uses single-use disposable cartridges and proprietary reagents to automate tissue dissociation in a convenient workflow. In addition, the system allows users to create their own dissociation protocols, use their own reagents, and dissociate tissue at low temperature to minimize changes to cell transcriptomes.

Duane Mendis, General Manager of D-Mark Biosciences noted, “We are thrilled to be working with S2 and expand our product portfolio for single cell genomics and cell biology applications. The Singulator can facilitate workflows for our customers working with a variety of sample types and applications, including clinical research.”

S2 Genomics distributor information can be found at www.S2Genomics.com/distributors.

About S2 Genomics, Inc.

S2 Genomics, founded in 2016, is a leading developer of laboratory automation solutions for processing solid tissues for single-cell applications. S2 Genomics’ technology platforms integrate advanced fluidics, optics, and biochemistry to produce automated sample preparation solutions for single-cell sequencing and cell biology markets, enabling discovery and innovation in life science research, healthcare, and agriculture. For more information, visit https://S2Genomics.com.

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Dr. John Bashkin, VP Business Development, S2 Genomics, Inquiries@s2genomics.com.


Dr. John Bashkin, VP Business Development, S2 Genomics, Inquiries@s2genomics.com.