Community Wellness Launches in California to Bring Remote Patient Monitoring Service to Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease and Related Chronic Conditions

Remote Patient Monitoring service for consumers delivers medical devices, mobile application and monthly video check-in with licensed physician to drive improved health outcomes

Company has entered into a strategic clinical relationship with Richard A. Levy, MD, FACC; providing remote patient monitoring services to 1000+ patients

CAMPBELL, Calif.--()--Community Wellness, a digital health company dedicated to empowering people to achieve better health outcomes, launched today on to bring its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) service to older adults living with cardiovascular disease and related comorbidities.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and father-daughter team Zoe Fields of Cleo, and Edward Fields of HotChalk, Community Wellness leverages recent digital health advances to provide older adults with ongoing RPM services that are simple to use, safe and affordable.

“At a time when older adults are struggling to access quality, personalized care during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re providing Remote Patient Monitoring tools, expert online clinical support and educational materials to ensure they receive appropriate care when and where they need it,” said Zoe Fields, Chief Executive Officer of Community Wellness. “At Community Wellness, we are committed to providing our members with convenient, state-of-the-art solutions that provide support and peace of mind, so they have more time to enjoy doing the things they love.”

Community Wellness’ RPM solution is a health and wellness service for older individuals who are living with cardiovascular disease and related chronic conditions, such as prediabetes or diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or obesity. This health monitoring and wellness service aims to empower Community Wellness members to track their own vital signs by providing state-of-the-art, FDA-approved medical devices and a mobile application to monitor and record their vital signs (e.g., heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure and weight). Once a month, members can discuss their health progress, challenges and concerns with a licensed physician during a video check-in on the company’s HIPAA-compliant platform.

In partnership with Community Wellness, Richard A. Levy, MD, FACC, an established primary and consultative cardiologist based in San Francisco, California, will provide the RPM service to his patients beginning November 15, 2020. Dr. Levy will be engaging regularly with Community Wellness to develop, review and modify cardiac and internal medicine patient care plans using the RPM service provided to his practice, doing so in a cost-effective manner for patients in this newly launched collaboration.

“Community Wellness is providing an essential service to older patients, which is particularly important for those who are at high-risk due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Levy. “It is more important than ever for patients to monitor their chronic conditions, so they can optimize their care plans and ultimately improve their quality of life.”

The RPM service is designed to be straightforward and easy to adopt with four simple steps. Following a free online video consultation with a licensed physician, the physician will prescribe a personalized, Bluetooth enabled smart medical device(s), which is delivered to the member’s home. Based on the member’s eligibility and personalized needs, he or she may receive any of the following RPM devices:

  • Pulse oximeter – Monitors oxygen levels in the blood
  • Digital thermometer – Takes temperature and supports early detection of a potential infection
  • Blood pressure monitor – Measures blood pressure and identifies hypertension
  • Digital scale – Measures body weight and detects changes in body mass
  • Portable heart monitor (ECG) – Shows heart rate variability to track heart health
  • Blood glucose meter – Provides accurate, plasma-calibrated readings of blood sugar

“We are thrilled to have such a robust lineup of licensed physicians and healthcare provider partners to help support older patients as they navigate the healthcare setting and empower them to take care of themselves,” said Jesus Saucedo, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Community Wellness. “We recognize that age can be a barrier in accessing quality healthcare, and Community Wellness is specifically designed to address that barrier through our services and partnerships.”

For many patients, RPM devices and the monthly video check-in are covered by Medicare Plan B and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap), as well as their insurance provider. Patients may contact Community Wellness customer service to learn more about insurance and Medicare coverage options.

To learn more about Community Wellness and the RPM service, visit:

About Community Wellness

Founded in 2020, Community Wellness is a digital health company dedicated to empowering people to achieve better health outcomes through remote health monitoring services. The company’s Remote Patient Monitoring service makes continuous health monitoring simple by providing older adults with personalized, state-of-the-art medical devices, a free mobile application and a monthly online check-in with a licensed physician. Community Wellness partners with licensed physicians to offer remote health monitoring services to older adults who need it, when they need it. Visit for more information.


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May Xiong
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