America's Best Beverage Announces Broadening of Direct-to-Consumer Sales of America's Best Coffee Roasting Company

New E-Commerce Expansion Allows Consumers Throughout the USA to Buy its Leading Coffee Brand

SAN FRANCISCO--()--America's Best Beverage, the family-owned beverage company known for its specialty coffee roasting and tea production, announced today that it is expanding its direct-to-consumer sales efforts for America's Best Coffee Roasting Company via Amazon and, as well as continuing sales on As part of its efforts to build mainstream brand awareness among consumers throughout the nation, packaging for America's Best Coffee Roasting Company features a new modern design that pairs a sleek white background with bold colors to reflect the richness of the brand's history and premium ingredients used in every bag.

Every year, millions of Americans unknowingly fill their cups with America's Best Coffee Roasting Company while visiting cafés and hotels, or during regular office coffee breaks. By expanding distribution to include major direct-to-consumer retailers, the brand is providing consumers in all 50 states the ability to bring one of their daily staples into their homes.

The line-up of coffees now available online for at-home brewing includes signature Espresso, Organic Gold Roast, Organic French Roast, Special French Roast, Decaf French Roast, and Organic City Roast, each available for $12.99 per bag.

"While many people may not even realize it, America's Best Coffee Roasting Company has been a staple of American mornings for over twenty years. As at-home coffee consumption continues to rise at an unprecedented rate, we felt it was the right time to formally introduce consumers to our brand," said Hovik Azadkhanian, co-founder and CEO, America's Best Beverage. "Starting the day with a good cup of coffee gives people a sense of comfort and normalcy, which is something I think we're all craving right now. We want our brand to be seen as a constant that people can depend on. It's there for the early mornings, the all-nighters, the bumps in the road, and the much-needed breaks."

Created by Alvin Azadkhanian in 1992, America's Best Coffee Roasting Company is a family-owned coffee roaster that has roasted coffee beans for the who's who of the coffee world since the 1970s. The company is dedicated to producing quality coffee without the frills, using artisan roasting techniques that have been passed down through three generations of the Azadkhanian family, with beans sourced worldwide by expert graders and buyers to ensure the highest quality.

"The success of our brand wasn't built overnight; it was built on the back of hard work and dedication to our craft. We obsess over making sure our customers always get a quality cup of coffee they can count on," said Master Roaster Kelly Zeissner. "Our philosophy is to put our resources into our product – not marketing or flash. We feel strongly that our consumers' money should only go towards buying the best cup of coffee available. Quality and consistency without the frills – it's that simple."

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a major increase in U.S. coffee sales, particularly for at-home coffee products, which are seeing record growth. Additionally, B2B and wholesale coffee suppliers have been increasingly introducing DTC brands to address the explosion of remote/at-home office workers.


In 1958, 16-year-old Alvin Azadkhanian moved to America with 20 dollars in his pocket and the dream of a better life. After more than a decade of hard work, spending evenings mastering the specialty coffee roasting technique passed down to him by his mother, Alvin opened his first coffee shop in San Francisco in 1976 and then created America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company in 1992. Through the foundation of these companies and generations of family knowledge passed from his grandmother, to his father, and then to him, Hovik Azadkhanian founded America’s Best Beverage in 2018, a leader in specialty coffee roasting and tea production. With over 40 years of this legacy experience, America's Best Beverage produces quality beverages, using the best, natural, ethically sourced ingredients, to keep every customer smiling. Its brands include: Cloudburst Coffee, America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company, Alvin’s Coffee and Teas, Concierge Coffee Supply, Diantha’s Coffee, and Persian Royal Tea Company. For more information, visit


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