Arctop Launches New State-of-the-Art Brain Decoding Technology: Neuos™ Eureka

Offers Entertainment and Media Companies Immediate Insights from Audience Analytics through a Simple, On-Demand Web Platform

Diverse Global Tester Network Works from Anywhere in the World

Unlocks the Future of Qualitative Market Research

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Arctop Inc., a pioneer in the emerging field of neurotechnology, today announced the launch of Neuos™ Eureka, which uses state-of-the-art brain decoding technology to help professionals in entertainment and media get research-grade audience analytics through a simple, on-demand web platform.

With Neuos Eureka Pro, producers and content creators can select the content they wish to test, choose a diverse or niche audience through Arctop’s Global Tester Network, analyze test results and evaluate insights – all on one integrated and intuitive platform. Arctop’s research analysts work closely with clients’ creative teams to understand the brain measurements generated by test screenings and apply the insights to optimize content for release.

With Neuos Eureka Lite, individual content creators – including YouTubers and podcasters – will be able to use the platform’s unique remote video and digital testing capabilities to get a clearer view into their own audiences. Rather than clicks and impressions that give a limited understanding of human consciousness, Lite provides insights based on the brain responses of real audiences, empowering creators everywhere to develop content their fans love.

“At Arctop, we have become the undisputed leader in audience brain decoding for the entertainment industry because of the caliber of insight our platform provides,” said Arctop’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Furman. “We are thrilled to launch Neuos Eureka Pro for professionals in entertainment and media as we see new technologies and software transform Hollywood.

“Along with adding valuable feedback into the creative workflow, Neuos Eureka democratizes highly sophisticated neuroscientific tools that have been available to market leaders for audience testing for a long time but at premium cost. Ultimately, by enabling brain decoding to be done anywhere, anytime, we are opening a new frontier of audience understanding and brain-responsive entertainment,” Furman continued.

“Neuos Eureka Lite was designed specifically to help content creators tap into the powerful engine we’ve built for major studios”, said Eitan Kay, Arctop’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “This will allow potentially millions of individual creators to start appealing to their audiences more effectively and, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, attract more viewer attention.”

Through Arctop’s Global Tester Network, clients have access to a consumer base, on a global scale, that tests content from the comfort of their homes, supporting an optimal and safe testing environment and eliminating the need for a live moderator or laboratory testing sessions. Audiences can be segmented by demographics to help content creators optimize their content to reach their intended audience.

“Eureka is the ideal solution for content creators who want to deeply understand their audience,” said Arctop’s Jewel Tarasova, Senior Research Analyst in Entertainment & Media. “Neuroscientific data is objective and unbiased and provides more insights than traditional qualitative research methods, like focus groups or facial coding.”

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Arctop is a pioneer in the neurotechnology industry. Arctop’s software analyzes brain signals from consumer headwear – such as a hat or headband – and produces an accurate measure of the mind in real-time. The technology can perform high-fidelity decoding of emotion, attention and memory processes – “reading the brain” – outside of laboratory settings, paving the way for integration with personal entertainment and education systems, voice assistants, telemedicine networks, IoT devices, mobile apps and more.

Arctop’s first product, Neuos Eureka, is an on-demand brain decoding software platform that provides research-grade audience insights to producers of video and gaming content. The Company’s clients already include some of the largest global brands and studios, ranging from digital content creators and app developers to entertainment and media executives. Future Neuos releases include real-time APIs that provide enterprise, medical and consumer applications with objective measures of brain activity. For more information, please visit


Timothy Amoui / Michelle Van Wyk
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Timothy Amoui / Michelle Van Wyk
(310) 201-2040