Working Remotely: Magna Legal Services Adapts to COVID-19 By Offering Even More Virtual Options

PHILADELPHIA--()--Magna Legal Services has successfully migrated all departmental operations to a 100% virtual setup in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As the legal world looks for solutions to the closures of courtrooms and conference rooms, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, focus groups, and other jury research sessions can all be conducted remotely.

On the deposition side, Magna is providing clients free access to its Magna Legal Vision (MLV) remote deposition platform when used with a Magna LS court reporter during the crisis. For 13 years, Magna clients have been able to virtually depose a witness from anywhere in the world using MLV, which includes technical support from start to finish, exhibit presentation and recording capabilities. Additionally, for a modest per party charge, clients can use MLV to hold remote hearings and mediations for up to 24 people. The ability to create breakout rooms within the platform allows a mediator to speak privately with each party and seamlessly move from virtual room to virtual room. Any proceeding that typically occurs inside a courtroom or conference room can be simulated in real-time with MLV.

“Both our clients and employees are under a tremendous amount of stress and feeling so much uncertainty. Both groups are our number one priority,” said Peter Hecht, Co-Founding Partner and Executive VP of Sales. “I know this is crazy, but our goal is to keep it business as usual for everyone, despite the fear that’s so pervasive in our world right now. We will continue to do whatever it takes to maintain business/litigation continuity.”

Magna acted quickly in response to COVID-19 and is now utilizing its patented JuryConfirm 20/20 mock trial platform to facilitate live arbitrations in an online environment. Attorneys can present their arguments to the arbitrators remotely, displaying demonstratives, testimony, and video clips with a sophisticated screenshare. Arbitrators can then move into private rooms for individual interviews and/or group deliberations. The parties can move back and forth between the courtroom and discussion room(s) as needed.

For counsel that is contemplating or in the throes of jury research, social distancing does not need to bring this to a halt. JuryConfirm 20/20 mimics a traditional, in-person mock trial, with live attorney presentations and equally robust juror deliberations. JuryConfirm 20/20’s interface uses instant feedback technology, online polling, and moderated breakout deliberation rooms to create the benefits of in-person research in an online environment.

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Magna’s jury consultants have rolled out JuryConfirm 20/20+, adding more case presentation and deliberation time to bridge the gap between in-person and online research.

“Conducting research virtually allows for a more streamlined exercise, allowing clients to accomplish in 6.5 hours online what they would typically do in 9 hours or more in-person,” said Dr. Rachel Colangelo, Magna’s National Managing Director of Jury Consulting. “Our priorities are to continue assisting our clients and advancing the ball, while keeping everyone safe. I’m very proud of our team’s response to this crisis. Our consultants have found creative ways to enhance our tried and true virtual jury research tools to seamlessly convert in-person mock trials to an online format via JuryConfirm 20/20+.”

Magna’s JuryEvaluator+ is another innovative, online tool, which allows clients to determine their risk, exposure, and case value. This cost-effective process provides clients with a potential range of damages if the case were to go to trial. Magna has conducted more than 400 of these online damages assessment surveys.

Also notable, especially now, are ClaimScout and JuryScout, which monitor claimants’ and prospective/seated jurors’ internet activity to gain valuable insights about them prior to and during trial. According to Dr. Colangelo, the rise in social media use caused by quarantines and business closures is creating a treasure trove of information for jury consultants.

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Emily Stern

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Magna Legal Services has successfully migrated all departmental operations to a 100% virtual setup in response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Emily Stern