Contrad Swiss: Research and Innovation Behind Your Lip Volume

LUGANO, Switzerland--()--ACTV8SKN® Lip Volumizer Cream is a plumping lip cream that gives immediate results. Its formula, powered by SIGMOLECS® Technology, contains hydrolyzed collagen, oligopeptides and hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration, softness and a full volume effect. It does not contain irritants.

Contrad Swiss, a pharmaceutical company focused on breakthrough, innovative products, announces clinical data supporting the long-lasting effect of the most advanced regenerative cosmetic line available today: ACTV8SKN®- Lip Volumizer.

ACTV8SKN® – Lip Volumizer, thanks to the exclusive SIGMOLECS® Technology has shown superior results in a clinical trial performed to evaluate Lip Volume, Hydration and Elasticity. All three parameters were assessed using objective techniques to minimise potential biases and increase accuracy.

Area/Volume: A statistically significant increase in lip volume was shown at 20 minutes, 1 hour and 1-week timepoints.

Hydration: A rapid increase in hydration was seen after 1 application. The statistically significant increase in hydration was evident after 20 minutes and was maintained for over 1 hour.

Elasticity: A highly significant increase in elasticity after 1 week of twice-daily application. This is in line with the expected time required to increase the levels of elastic proteins in the tissue.

SIGMOLECS® Technology was conceived and engineered by Dr Serrentino exclusively for Contrad Swiss.

About Contrad Swiss

Contrad Swiss is the most innovative pharmaceutical corporation specialized in OTC, medical devices, regenerative cosmetics and dietary supplements. The innovation can be expressed in the formula, in a new way of administration or a novel application. All the products are respected for their solid scientific support and they carry the consumer recognition of quality and convenience.

About Dr JO Serrentino

M.Sc; DVM; Ph.D FAARM; DABRM. Master’s in Biochemistry; Veterinarian; Doctorate in clinical ecology/environmental medicine. Fellow of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine; Diplomat of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine.
Extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Protein sequencing and clones for biological new medicine;
  • Peptide inclusion for medicine;
  • Use of cytokines in medicine and therapy and as pathophysiological markers;
  • Biological markers for diagnostics; targeting and research& development;
  • Carrier formulations for enhanced absorption of active principles; formulating, assessment and/or amendment;
  • Molecular manipulation for enhanced biological properties esp. with protein (cytokine) and gene therapy;
  • Metabolic Syndromes and Energy Metabolism;
  • Stem cell extenders and methodologies for clinical application;
  • Orthopaedic biologicals for clinical application in Regenerative Medicine.


Carmen Gerardi
Contrad Swiss SA
Lugano (CH)

Release Summary

ACTV8SKN® Lip Volumizer is a plumping lip cream that gives immediate results. Its formula, powered by SIGMOLECS®, does not contain irritants.


Carmen Gerardi
Contrad Swiss SA
Lugano (CH)