Gadget Guard screen protectors now available for new iPhone 11 models; pre-orders open for cases with alara technology™ that protects users from mobile phone radiation

Case reduces radiation exposure by more than 50% while maintaining signal; new products provide the best protection for you and your new iPhone

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah--()--Gadget Guard, the premier maker of smartphone screen protection, announced the availability of the Black Ice Flex Edition for the new iPhone 11 models unveiled earlier this week. Products are available for purchase immediately in advance of the new iPhones.

The company also announced pre-orders are open for Gadget Guard Cases with alara technology™, which reduces user exposure to cell phone radiation by more than 50% while still maintaining the phone’s signal quality.

“With our new products, Gadget Guard provides the best protection for both people and their iPhones,” said Gentry Jensen, CEO for parent company Penumbra Brands. “Recent research and media reports on the effects of extended exposure to cell phone radiation have highlighted the importance of taking prudent action to reduce this exposure. Our alara technology is seamlessly integrated into our durable and attractive Gadget Guard cases, providing the most elegant and practical protection solution available.”

Gadget Guard Case with alara technology

Embedded within the Gadget Guard Case are micro-thin conductive silver elements, the dimensions of which are precisely engineered to resonate at mobile phone radio frequencies. When it is snapped on a phone, it capacitively couples with the phone’s antenna to form a new radiation pattern which is weaker on the front of the phone next to the head, protecting users from potentially harmful radiation while using the phone.

The new cases come in a slim version with a sleek profile that follows the contours of the phone. It’s easy to grip with a soft touch feel, while providing 4-ft drop protection. A rugged version is also available that has more texture for additional grip and fully actuating volume and power buttons for “real-click” feedback. It provides up to 10-ft drop protection.

Other radiation-reducing products, including cases, in the market use crude shielding materials that block antenna signals, and actually cause the phone to compensate for the lost signal by transmitting at a higher power, thereby negating the effect of the shield and draining the phone’s battery.

Penumbra designs and tests Gadget Guard cases in its state-of-the-art laboratory in accordance with international standards. Measurements are made inside a SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin) head, which mimics the size, shape and RF properties of a human head, using a vector array probe system with advanced 3-D reconstruction algorithms to calculate SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).

Without the alara case, when a mobile phone is transmitting, it generates an almost omnidirectional electromagnetic field. When the phone is held next to the head, the head is directly in the most intense region of that RF field. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans since 2011, and in 2018 the National Institute of Health found that there is “clear evidence” that RF radiation causes cancer in animal studies.

The Gadget Guard Case with alara technology is $39.99 for the slim case and $49.99 for the rugged case and available for iPhone 11 models. Customers can pre-order now with shipping expected in early October.

The Unbreakable Black Ice Flex Edition

The Black Ice Flex Edition provides unbreakable, best-in-class screen protection for next-generation smart screens. Engineered by integrating five distinct layers—with each layer performing an essential function of protection while maintaining clarity—the Black Ice Flex Edition screen protector won’t chip or crack like traditional glass screen guards. The glass-like nanotechnology surface provides reactive touch response for sensitivity. Each guard is formed to perfectly fit each iPhone model.

Black Ice Flex Edition’s composite material exceeds industry-standard impact tests. The product has an oleophobic coating, which enables the smooth surface to stay smudge-free. Even with its multiple, integrated layers, the optical clarity of the screen protector matches that of glass, giving the best resolution for video and photos on smartphones. It also comes with an easy-to use alignment and installation tool.

Gadget Guard offers its Black Ice+ insured version at $59.99, which includes one year of insurance, reimbursing customers for up to $150 to replace a screen damaged while protected by the Black Ice+ screen protector.

The Black Ice Flex Edition screen protector is available for all iPhone 11 models. Protection is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and 10+, Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, and for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max at and through participating retailers.

About Penumbra Brands

Penumbra Brands offers and supports products that improve the performance, aesthetic and lifespan of mobile devices. We are the innovation leader in our industry sector, delivering products that protect and enhance our customers’ devices. We are progressively raising the bar for the safe and healthy use of mobile devices by continually developing new technology, materials and products.


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Release Summary

Gadget Guard screen protectors now available for iPhone 11 models; pre-orders open for cases with alara technology to protect from phone radiation.


SnappConner PR
Mark Fredrickson, 801-806-0161