New mmojo Application Provides a Unique, One-Stop Approach to Sourcing and Delivering B2B Marketing Data

Application for marketing and sales professionals provides simplified access to multiple high value data sets from top B2B data vendors

mmojo mMore-Like Screenshot. Using an existing list of target companies, the B2B marketing user adjusts constraints to create an expanded list of similar companies (Graphic: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--() (website: today introduced mmojo, the industry’s first “B2B Marketing Data Everything” application for marketing, sales and research professionals. The application combines advanced data management features with access to the mmojo Data Marketplace to greatly simplify the efforts of sourcing, delivering and integrating various types of B2B data used for customer insight, lead generation, prospect targeting, market analysis and more.

The mmojo application delivers to the B2B professional a one-stop solution for what previously has been an expensive and time-consuming task of locating, negotiating, customizing and integrating B2B data from multiple vendors. With mmojo, users have access to numerous high quality data packages from top B2B data vendors and the tools necessary to either create custom data sets from scratch or to quickly match and cross reference the available data to their own customer and prospect lists. Usage rights and pricing for the extracted data is all handled under a single, very affordable, Data as a Service license with mmojo.

The mmojo Data Marketplace

The mmojo Data Marketplace is provided as a service to mmojo users to streamline the complex efforts required to locate, test, source and negotiate B2B data usage. The mmojo Data Marketplace presents data products from almost two dozen well-recognized B2B data providers as well as data curated and managed by mmojo itself.

Selected Data Products include:

  • Detailed company firmographic information for over 20 million US companies, including address information, revenues, employee counts, domains and more.
  • High quality contact information for approximately 80 million US executives and staff members, including title and function, email addresses, phone numbers, social handles and more.
  • Technographic information for companies including technologies in use, IT budgets, staff sizes, hardware counts and more.
  • Online and digital activity data including IP addresses (for visitor identification), online intent scores and more.
  • Detailed company operating data such as financial information, merger and acquisition activity and more.

All data is pre-processed so that it is ready to be cross-referenced immediately to your own customer and prospect lists and packaged so that users pay only for what they need. Many data products are free. Premium data products are offered at highly competitive rates.

Combining Technology and Data

Making mmojo special is the combination of its features and available data. In addition to accessing high quality third party data, mmojo users can use the features within mmojo to perform complex data management tasks, such as list upload match and append, list creation, filtering, segmentation, market analysis, gap filling, list suppression, deduplication, merging and more.

“It’s been proven that the use of high-quality data will drive better marketing results. We built mmojo with the sole purpose of providing simple and affordable access to this valuable data commodity,” explained Hank Weghorst, Managing Partner at “This approach, executed using our partner relationships and most importantly our state of the art technology, has enabled us to change the game.”

Why Use a Marketing Data Everything Application?

Excellence in B2B Marketing depends on the consumption of high quality and unique data. The problem faced by B2B professionals today is that they must do all the work themselves: find, license, extract, cross-reference, merge, deduplicate, analyze, maintain and more. Marketing Automation, Business Analytics and CRM systems are not designed to do this. In fact, they require data to feed them. Whether it’s data to generate new leads, grow existing customer understanding or extend insights to prioritize activities, data is necessary – and mmojo is there to help.



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Release Summary releases mmojo, the industry’s first “Marketing Data Everything” Application with a One-Stop Approach to integrated B2B Marketing Data.

Grace Christopher-Tyler, 833-666-5647