The Revolutionary European Micropayment Service, Flattr Officially Launches in USA at SXSW

Flattr makes earning money from digital content effortless

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Flattr, the revolutionary micropayment service, is celebrating its official US launch at South by Southwest (SXSW).

Flattr changes the game for creators of digital content, and audiences that want to support quality and creativity on the internet.

Instead of requiring various individual subscriptions, Flattr automates the process for users who want to contribute small amounts to all the sites and channels they visit. A growing number of internet users opt-out of the traditional ad-based monetization of online content. Instead, they want to directly support the bloggers, vloggers, gamers and artists they like. But they don’t want to think about payment every time they surf the web - they want to avoid what behavioral economists know as the “pain of paying.” Flattr takes that pain away. It creates a process where users just need to make a payment decision once and from then on a browser extension with a smart algorithm will spread the user’s Flattr budget across all the creators that the user engages with.

Flattr works across the whole internet with just one account, making it effortless for users and creators alike.

In Europe, Flattr is used by several thousand content creators, ranging from national newspapers to educational podcasters to indie gamers. Since it first launched, Flattr has paid out money to over 30,000 publishers and creators.

South by Southwest in Austin, TX is known as the biggest festival for innovative digital ideas, making it the ideal background for the official US launch of Flattr. On Tuesday, March 13th, the Flattr team will celebrate this milestone with creative minds and content creators at the Prohibition Creamery. The event will feature a gallery showcasing some of the exceptional creators and publishers that use Flattr as well as live acts by artists. Guests can use special Flattr dollars to reward creators or simply have a celebratory drink with them.

Linus Olsson, co-funder and project lead of Flattr, explains the philosophy behind the project: “There is a Swedish saying: ‘Många bäckar små blir en stor å,’ or ‘Many small streams form a large river.’ Flattr allows everyone on the internet to contribute a little bit. The US has a long standing tradition of privately funded outlets and today we see an increasing number of educated consumers that want to sustainably fund the quality content they consume. These are the people we built Flattr for.”

Till Faida, CEO of eyeo, parent company of Flattr, comments: “Our vision at eyeo was always to give users control how to fund the content they consume online. I am extremely proud that with Flattr we can now offer publishers a tool that allows them to generate additional revenue, without any additional effort. Our goal is to have 10 million paying Flattr users. It looks like on average users are going to spend $5 on content, which means Flattr will create $500 million additional revenues for publishers all across the web, which is a good start.”

Users, creators and publishers can sign up for Flattr at

About Flattr

Flattr is a micropayment service, founded in 2010 by Peter Sunde and Linus Olsson. Flattr aims to promote and sustain a free and open internet by allowing users to value online content and support creators monetarily to help them create more awesomeness. In 2017 a new, automated version of Flattr was released to make it effortless for publishers, creators that are looking for sustainable funding solutions and for users that want to contribute with small amounts to various sites.

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Release Summary

Flattr micropayments service launches in USA at SXSW to help fund content creators on the Internet.


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