Liaise Announces Commercial Availability of Its Award Winning Collaboration Software to Help Leaders, Teams and Individuals Get Control of Who’s Got What Due When

Liaise Collaboration Software Empowers Teams to Get Work Done by Automatically Capturing, Organizing and Prioritizing Action Items in Email

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Liaise, an award-winning creator of collaboration software, today announced that it has completed its beta test period and is ready for commercial release. Liaise automatically captures, organizes and prioritizes action items as you type emails, and now includes new features designed to increase productivity for team leaders and email power users to keep them up to date and in control of their work. The download is available starting today at

Unlike other collaboration applications, no change in work behavior is required, and it doesn’t matter whether the email recipient is using Liaise or not. Responses to Liaise messages sent from any email platform such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and from mobile email systems such as BlackBerry and iPhone, are automatically tracked by Liaise. Liaise is currently implemented for Microsoft Outlook® 2010, 2007, and 2003.

“Keeping track of what’s due, project status, and who is responsible is a daunting task when hundreds of emails are filling inboxes and sent folders every day,” said Ray Villeneuve, Liaise’s CEO. “We’ve designed Liaise to help busy knowledge workers handle the myriad of daily interactions they have both inside and outside of their companies and to keep them on top of their work.”

Liaise added new features based on extensive feedback from beta users in a variety of industries including financial services, management consulting, Internet, technology, healthcare and retail. They found that busy knowledge workers routinely interact with others – almost exclusively in email – to get real work done. As a result, Liaise added features supporting the company’s vision of delivering solutions that don’t require users to change behavior while enabling power email users to improve productivity instantly – without waiting for their colleagues to adopt a new application.

Significant enhancements to the Liaise Manager have resulted in a powerful dashboard for managing work and for keeping teams in synch. Action items can be viewed by initiative, owner, due date or priority. Project information can be organized into reports, available for export and printing. Action item due dates are automatically displayed in the Outlook calendar.

With the introduction of a new feature called Liaise Lists, users are able to capture actions automatically by typing free-form notes such as project and team plans, meeting minutes and to-do lists. Integrated with the Liaise Manager, the software automatically identifies, tracks and organizes actions, dates, people and priorities found in these notes, makes them available to be modified as plans evolve, and later sent as an email message.

Liaise customers are managers, team leaders and individual power users of email – who typically send and receive over 100 emails a day – and the people with whom they collaborate. Approximately 75% of these email messages assign tasks, require responses or update status, according to Liaise’s survey of beta users. Users told Liaise they need much better solutions to keep track of all the moving parts as they collaborate via email with peers, direct reports, partners, customers and suppliers to get work done. Liaise estimates more than 200 million corporate email users are challenged with this exploding deluge.

In addition to winning the top honor at DEMO Fall 2009 – The People’s Choice for Best Enterprise Product – Liaise was chosen for Microsoft’s highly-selective BizSpark One program, which identifies and partners with a handful of high-potential companies most likely to succeed in the market and shape the industry’s future.

"Liaise is making major advances in business productivity and its collaboration software has the potential to help corporate Outlook users better manage their work through email," said Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business Development at Microsoft. "Liaise is a member of the Microsoft BizSpark One program that helps accelerate the growth and success of high potential startups."

Liaise is available at at $50 per seat per year, with a 30 day free trial period.

Screen shots and a demonstration video are available at:

What Customers and Analysts Are Saying About Liaise

Lead partner at one of the top four global consulting firms:

“Liaise empowers enterprise managers to be effective at managing teams and projects, without changing their current communication tool of choice - email. We discovered Liaise becomes even more powerful when adopted by teams and departments.”

David Wright CIO/COO of leading fashion brand and retailer:

“In my professional experience, there have always been two types of people: Promise Makers and Promise Keepers. Liaise helps me be a Keeper, even when juggling many tasks and/or responsibilities. And even more important, it helps ensure the people I interact with become Keepers as well. We are rolling out Liaise across our company now.”

Regional sales manager of a Fortune 10 technology company:

“Liaise makes sure I am focusing on critical things versus the last thing that came into my inbox. Its greatest value to me is its ability to automatically identify critical tasks, items and subjects and make them time sensitive. For example when I sent a note to Finance, Liaise picked it up a week later and reminded me to follow up with them.”

Jonathan Spira, CEO and Chief Analyst, Basex

“The average knowledge worker receives 93 e-mails per day and many of these messages carry information about key tasks, issues, and action items that get lost in a sea of noise. Liaise has the potential to fix several of the problems that knowledge workers face by improving the integration of e-mail with the actual work activities that need to take place and by making it easier to synch information between users.”

Sara Radicati, President and CEO of The Radicati Group:

"Email is still overwhelmingly the primary way people collaborate in business, both internally and externally. Liaise has developed software that recognizes this. It doesn't require people to change the way they work or require others to use the same system in order to collaborate – an issue with so many collaboration applications."

About Liaise

Liaise’s mission is to turn words into action™ – wherever words are used. Recognizing that most people manage the great majority of their business interactions through email, – Liaise has created a solution that automatically finds the critical information woven into these daily communications, and transforms it into actionable reminders and reports. Formed in 2008 by entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience in building and selling work management solutions, the company is backed by Southern Cross Venture Partners and individual investors. Located in Palo Alto, California, more information can be found at

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Krause Taylor Associates for Liaise
Barbara Krause, 408-981-2429

Release Summary

After completing its beta period, award-winning collaboration software maker Liaise is now open for business. Liaise automatically captures, organizes and prioritizes action items as you type emails.


Krause Taylor Associates for Liaise
Barbara Krause, 408-981-2429