Food Allergy Science Initiative Announces Transformative $5 Million Gift

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--The Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI), a leading food allergy research organization, is pleased to announce a transformative $5 million gift that will advance foundational and translational research in food allergy. This meaningful commitment will seek to impact the lives of millions of people living with food allergies around the world.

Behind this extraordinary contribution stands a benefactor whose dedication to FASI’s cause is nothing short of inspiring. Their gift and belief in FASI’s work sheds light on the growing recognition of the critical role interdisciplinary research plays in understanding the complexities of food allergies.

“We extend our deepest gratitude for this generous gift, which empowers FASI to continue to push barriers and make monumental discoveries in our efforts to unraveling the mysteries of food allergies,” remarked Dr. Carlos Bosques, FASI’s CEO. “FASI is prepared to continue to revolutionize the field. Since inception in 2016, FASI has yielded remarkable progress uncovering critical communication pathways between the immune and nervous systems. Through the groundbreaking discoveries our collaborative network has made, FASI is working to accelerate the discoveries into novel therapeutics. Bringing us one step closer to a world without food allergies.”

This philanthropic milestone underscores a shared commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering meaningful improvements in the lives of those affected by food allergies. FASI remains committed in its mission to drive innovation, cultivate collaboration, and ultimately reshape the landscape of food allergy research, guided by a vision of a future where food allergies no longer dictate lives.

About FASI

The Food Allergy Science Initiative, Inc. (FASI) was founded in 2016 at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and spun out in 2021 into an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. FASI boasts an extensive research network that encompasses 20+ world-class labs across the U.S. and over 100+ scientists dedicated to unraveling the mysteries underlying food allergies. FASI employs an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach for accelerating breakthrough therapies poised to transform the lives of patients with food allergies, which a long-term goal of creating a world without food allergies. FASI is funded by philanthropic donations to support its groundbreaking research, with 100% of all contributions going directly towards research. To make a charitable donation or to learn more about FASI please visit our website or contact Sydney Erickson,


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Press Release: Food Allergy Science Initiative Announces Transformative $5 Million Gift

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