Applied Physics Launches Warp Drive Simulator

Bringing Science One-Step Closer to a Star Trek Future

Physicists can generate and refine an array of warp drive designs with Warp Factory by Applied Physics. (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Today, Applied Physics®, a multidisciplinary group of international scientists and engineers, announced the groundbreaking launch of Warp Factory— a toolkit designed for the theoretical testing and advancement of realistic warp drive technologies. Coinciding with the release of their research paper, “Analyzing Warp Drive Spacetimes with Warp Factory,” published in the Journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity, Warp Factory serves as an open-source resource for any physicist or researcher seeking to test ideas for physical warp drives. The release is a testament to Applied Physics’ commitment to fostering scientific collaboration and innovation around the globe.

“Physicists can now generate and refine an array of warp drive designs with just a few clicks, allowing us to advance science at warp speed," said Gianni Martire, CEO of Applied Physics. “Warp Factory serves as a virtual wind tunnel, enabling us to test and evaluate different warp designs. Science fiction is now inching closer to science fact.”

The field of warp drives has experienced a resurgence since 2021 when a series of papers, including Applied Physics’ “Introducing Physical Warp Drives,” suggested that warp drives could be constructed in accordance with the laws of physics. Warp Factory provides the means to assess these results rigorously and bring the field closer to this goal.

Explore the Warp Factory

The Warp Factory software is now accessible at Applied Physics encourages the international scientific community to engage with this ground-breaking initiative. As a Public Benefit Company with a firm grounding in humanitarian and commercial scientific solutions, Applied Physics extends the access of Warp Factory to researchers, dreamers, and problem-solvers around the globe.

Become a Warp Researcher

Operating within the fabric of Applied Physics, the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory (APL) represents the cutting edge of warp drive research. APL is actively seeking like-minded individuals to contribute to this revolutionary field through the Warp Grant program

About Applied Physics

Applied Physics® is a select team of scientific problem-solvers, delivering scalable and low-cost solutions with a portfolio of patents geared towards large-scale global challenges. Operating as a Public Benefit Company in the U.S., Applied Physics is driven by a passion for making a meaningful impact. We welcome empathetic and talented individuals to join us in our mission to expand human potential through scientific innovation.


Jared Fuchs


Jared Fuchs