Swiss Post Partners with InMoment to Adapt to Modern Customer Centricity

LONDON--()--InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™, has announced that client, Swiss Post Ltd, a leader in logistics and postal services and one of Switzerland's largest employers is driving a transformative Customer Experience (CX) programme. This innovative CX programme, seamlessly aligned with the company's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, is made possible through InMoment's strategic partnership.

With a rich history spanning 175 years, Swiss Post embarked on a strategic journey to redefine its customer experience. Recognising the imperative need for modernisation and alignment with evolving customer expectations, the company enlisted InMoment to integrate CX into its corporate objectives.

A key element in Swiss Post's CX evolution involved a cultural transformation, persuading management to prioritise customer feedback as a fundamental aspect of their core strategy. Collaborating with InMoment, Swiss Post strategically incorporated customer feedback from diverse touchpoints including, contact centres, parcel machines, and traditional post offices, gaining comprehensive insights into customer sentiments throughout their journeys.

Swiss Post's commitment to staying ahead in the digital landscape is evident in its swift adaptation to new feedback channels, including WhatsApp and voice-to-text. This not only enhanced accessibility but also streamlined internal processes, showcasing the company's dedication to meeting modern customer demands.

"Practical experience quickly showed that customers expect quick answers. Our early integration of measurement proved to be a great advantage here. The intensive analysis of comments quickly showed the customers' need for quicker responses compared to before," explained Manuela Niendorf, Competence Centre Marketing + CX, Swiss Post.

The collaboration with InMoment has delivered tangible results, including improved KPIs across communication channels, a significant increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS), higher customer satisfaction, reduced waiting times in contact centres, and more efficient service delivery.

As Swiss Post's journey with InMoment continues, the focus remains on capturing and processing more customer feedback, streamlining internal processes, and fostering a customer-oriented culture.

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