Reveal Announces Partnership with ModeOne to Integrate & Innovate Mobile Data Collection in eDiscovery

CHICAGO--()--Reveal, the global provider of the leading AI-powered eDiscovery, review and investigations platform, announced today an integrated collaboration with ModeOne, the leading provider for smartphone data discovery featuring a patented SaaS framework to help organizations automate the collection and analysis of mobile data. This cooperative effort is set to transform how organizations manage the ever-increasing demands of complex data stored on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices in legal proceedings.

The challenge facing many organizations is clear: a significant rise in eDiscovery cases involving mobile data, combined with escalating fines for inadequately managing messaging apps and personal devices. Reveal’s strategic partnership with ModeOne introduces an innovative, cost-efficient solution for the collection of data from personal and corporate-issued mobile devices. This new approach offers remote, targeted, same-day collections, anywhere in the world, addressing the skyrocketing costs and challenges associated with collecting and analyzing digital data stored on mobile devices and short-message chat applications.

“Mobile data is central to legal proceedings, our partnership with ModeOne is a strategic step towards ensuring that the collection and analysis of this essential data in the eDiscovery process is as seamless and efficient as possible,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal. “The collaboration and integration with ModeOne just makes sense. By offering remote, targeted data collection, we’re able to simplify our clients’ workflows and empower them to find answers and make confident decisions faster. We’re excited to see how this partnership continues to evolve – setting new standards in the industry.”

Key benefits of the Reveal-ModeOne integration include:

  • Elimination of Physical Mobile Collection Kits: The new solution negates the need for physical collection kits and travel time, offering a more streamlined process.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: The total cost of traditional mobile collections averages over $3,000 per phone, including expenses for shipment of collection kits, on-site forensic or IT professionals, and data processing. The Reveal-ModeOne solution substantially lowers these costs while delivering speed and scale.
  • Ease of Use and Integration into Workflows: Users can quickly master the steps for targeted mobile collections and seamlessly integrate them into their existing workflows, further driving down costs and improving efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Reveal on this integration. This project is going to help revolutionize smartphone discovery and better protect client data privacy,” said Matt Rasmussen, founder & CEO of ModeOne. “Reveal is a world-class operation that is working to lead the way to deliver efficient and effective solutions for their clients growing needs.”

This partnership is a response to the growing market demand for cost-effective and easy harvesting of targeted data from mobile devices. Reveal is committed to empowering its users with this unique and powerful data acquisition capability, marking a significant advancement in eDiscovery.

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About Reveal

Reveal is a leading AI-powered platform for eDiscovery, document review, legal hold and investigations. The company has a deep history in driving the adoption of legal automation, which is underpinned by its leading processing technology, visual analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities. Reveal's software combines technology and human guidance to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insight. We help organizations, including law firms, corporations, government agencies, and intelligence services, uncover more useful information faster by providing a world-class user experience and AI technology that is embedded within every phase of the eDiscovery process.

About ModeOne

ModeOne offers the industry’s first automated, truly remote mobile data acquisition solution for evidentiary, compliance, and/or investigation purposes – with global reach and same-day delivery! Our patented SaaS framework helps clients target, collect, process, and review emerging forms of digital data and short-message chat information quickly, accurately and with cost-certainty. It is the first and only data acquisition solution that doesn’t require a physical mobile collection kit or onsite technicians. The data targeting capability protects the privacy of data custodians, and the solution doesn’t require custodians to relinquish their devices or interrupt use of their phones during the collection process. The company supports litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms. For more information about ModeOne, visit


Liz Whelan


Liz Whelan