knownwell Raises $20M Series A From A16Z to Scale the First Patient-Centered Healthcare Home For Those With Overweight and Obesity

Building on This Mission, the Company is Launching an Adolescent Metabolic Health Program to Combat Rising Child Obesity Rates

BOSTON--()--knownwell, an in-person and virtual, weight-inclusive primary care and metabolic health company, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series A funding round led by A16Z with participation from existing investors including Flare Capital Partners. This brings knownwell’s total funding to $24.5 million and highlights a growing demand for weight-inclusive care companies focusing on whole-person treatment approaches to obesity beyond just short-term approaches like GLP-1 utilization organizations.

knownwell is founded by Brooke Boyarsky Pratt, who has had lifelong obesity, and Dr. Angela Fitch, the President of the Obesity Medicine Association. The pair combined lived experiences to create a weight-inclusive care company that takes a clinically and patient driven approach to effectively partner with patients for long term results. In addition to partnering with patients, with the new funding, knownwell is furthering their enterprise solution to partner with health systems, payors, and employers to deliver weight-inclusive care via telehealth and the company’s brick-and-mortar clinics. The funding enables knownwell’s expansion of its clinics and telehealth offering, and allows the company to double down on product development, including incorporating AI-powered patient stratification, asynchronous communication, and provider workflow enablement tools into its care model. Additionally, knownwell is partnering with major pharmaceutical companies to conduct and participate in clinical trials.

"Obesity is perhaps our country's greatest healthcare challenge, from both a clinical and cost perspective,” said Vineeta Agarwala, General Partner at A16Z. “We are thrilled to back Brooke, Angela, and the team at knownwell as they leverage both technology and human care teams to allow every patient and provider nationally to access evidence-based, comprehensive, and ultimately high-value obesity medicine."

“We are thrilled to welcome such an incredible partner in a16z to lead our Series A, with immense gratitude to Flare Capital Partners for doubling down on their investment in knownwell. In a market that is currently swarmed by companies trying to offer short term GLP-1 solutions, we are proud to be the only comprehensive, clinically based, patient-centered home for those with overweight or obesity,” said Brooke Boyarsky-Pratt, CEO and Co-Founder of knownwell. “Patients with overweight and obesity know how hard it is to find comprehensive, insurance-based, non-stigmatizing and clinically-based healthcare. knownwell exists to be a healthcare home to patients who have been stigmatized for too long by the healthcare system because of their size.”

In addition to announcing its Series A, the company is introducing knownwell teens, a new clinical offering designed to support the 14 million children and teens living with obesity in the United States. Created by knownwell’s renowned obesity medicine specialists, this new model aims to help patients’ metabolic health through the company’s comprehensive, shame and blame-free care model.

The current U.S healthcare system has an explicit problem with weight bias, especially as it relates to children. knownwell is solving this bias by providing patients with tailor-made care though an integrated plan that helps them reach their health and wellness goals. knownwell’s model consists of a holistic, clinical approach to uncovering and treating the root cause of early obesity, including nutritional counseling and behavioral health services - not the stigmatizing, diet promoting path typically used for those aged 12 - 18.

“Obesity has long been regarded as one of the most chronic diseases for children, yet little has been done to combat this growing epidemic,” said Dr. Angela Fitch, Chief Medical Officer at knownwell and President of the Obesity Medicine Association. “That’s why we’ve developed a first-of-its-kind metabolic health program specifically designed for adolescents. Our goal is to encourage and set behavioral and lifestyle changes that will lead to healthier habits and better long-term outcomes.”

GLP-1s like Wegovy are already FDA-approved for the treatment of obesity in teens aged 12 and older. In fact, a 2022 clinical trial found a 16.1 percent reduction in body mass index (BMI) in teens with obesity treated with Wegovy injection compared to placebo. With access to this medicine, adolescents now have a treatment option to support the behavioral and lifestyle changes knownwell will help implement. Through early intervention and a focus on metabolic health, knownwell is tackling the childhood obesity crisis in a way that will ultimately lead to a healthier America with reduced risk for chronic diseases, such as type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

knownwell makes weight-inclusive healthcare more accessible by accepting patient insurance to provide full suite care without membership fees. knownwell will provide in-person and virtual access to weight-inclusive medical services for patients across the U.S who have faced inadequate treatment, worsening health, and higher costs. To learn more about knownwell, visit


knownwell is built for the millions of Americans who have been told that their weight is the problem, regardless of their unique health concerns. Stigmatizing patients does not promote wellness, and in fact, leads to worse health outcomes. knownwell practices evidence-based medicine that supports a patient’s unique goals. To learn more, visit