Stormbreaker Ventures Surges Ahead; Reignites the Mobility and Wireless Innovation Ecosystem with New Fund

Thermo Companies and Mi Capital Secure Exclusive Spots as Strategic Investors

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Stormbreaker Ventures, an early-stage venture firm focused on the mobile connectivity ecosystem, is excited to announce its partnership with Thermo Companies and Mi Capital as strategic investors. This marks a significant milestone in Stormbreaker's growth, illustrating the firm's steadfast commitment to advancing innovation within the mobility and wireless sector. It also signals the dynamic market, drawing the interest of significant players from well-established industries and offices who acknowledge the sector's growth potential.

“The mobility sector is far from stagnant. More than ever, mobile carriers and others in the space require innovative solutions to propel the entire ecosystem forward, and we are laser-focused on advancing the industry. It's worth noting that this perspective influenced our decision to welcome Glenn Lurie, former President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations and President and CEO of Synchronoss Technologies, as one of our Managing Directors," said Stormbreaker Ventures founder, Said Mia.

“We’re thrilled about our new strategic investment partners. Innovation that supports the mobile connectivity ecosystem has been overshadowed by big tech and deep tech; however, mobility is an entirely different animal that touches nearly every aspect of our lives. In this sector, you need to know who and what you're dealing with to create actual value for startups. As a result of Stormbreaker’s focus, collective experience, and relationships, deal flow is not just strong but proprietary,” said Managing Director Glenn Lurie.

Thermo Companies has earned recognition for its outstanding leadership across multiple industries, including infrastructure, real estate, energy, and mobility. Thermo's ownership of Globalstar, the recent sale of Fiberlight, and internal venture investments reflect its extensive expertise in telecom infrastructure, wireless spectrum, and state-of-the-art wireless technologies. Mi Capital is the investment arm of Michels Corporation, the premier energy and infrastructure contractor in North America. It's worth noting that Stormbreaker represents an exception for both Mi Capital and Thermo Companies, as neither are venture fund investors. Presented with a myriad of investment opportunities, both Thermo Companies and Mi Capital have strategically chosen to invest in Stormbreaker, an emerging fund, over several others.

"At Thermo Companies, we are committed to establishing strategic partnerships that drive industry transformation and fuel innovation. Our collaboration with Stormbreaker Ventures, our only partnership with a venture firm, was a deliberate decision due to its unparalleled wireless, mobility, and connectivity expertise. Together, we aim to pioneer a new era of opportunities in an industry primed for innovation," stated Kyle Pickens of Thermo Companies.

"Mi Capital has a longstanding successful strategic investment partnership with Stormbreaker Ventures and has proven to be an excellent steward of capital. The partners’ expertise in selecting and supporting investments, particularly in the mobile connectivity ecosystem, has been outstanding. We look forward to seeing the firm’s continued success,” said Rob Haugen of Mi Capital.

According to Stormbreaker partners and confirmed by Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY), the state of US venture capital investments in 2023 and into 2024 are seeing a downturn; however, there are bright marks for early-stage investments and specific sectors, including mobility, wireless, and connected ecosystem technologies.

The article “Venture capital investment remains slow as market seeks new normal” goes on to cite, “...the passage of the CHIPs and Science Act by Congress in 2022…could contribute to a pickup in information technology investment, which encompasses computer software, networking, and hardware,” all of which sit squarely within Stormbreaker’s areas of expertise and investment thesis.

"For big infrastructure players in our space, innovation imperative and stagnation present an existential risk. Numerous areas within the mobility sector are ripe for reinvention and investment, including fifth-generation wireless (5G), the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), and fixed wireless access (FWA). This presents a golden opportunity to get into the mobility and wireless VC investments alongside experts in the field – now. We are in an era beyond the traditional 'telecom' as we knew it; welcome to 'telecom 3.0,'" Managing Director Glenn Lurie emphasized.

About Stormbreaker Ventures:

Stormbreaker Ventures is an early-stage venture firm focused on the mobility and wireless sector, encompassing devices & sensors, computing, networking, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud. With a team of veteran operators and investors with over 150+ years of aggregate experience, Stormbreaker partners have a track record that includes over a dozen unicorn investments. The firm provides its founders with world-class tools and resources via its Founder Success™ Platform. Stormbreaker has over 40 active portfolio companies that have raised over $500 million of follow-on capital.


Rena Ramirez


Rena Ramirez