Aptatek BioSciences, Inc. Appoints Seasoned Healthcare Executive Lee McCracken to its Board of Directors


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Aptatek's smart home monitor for chronic disease and medication management

PRINCETON, N.J.--()--Aptatek BioSciences, Inc., a developer of pioneering home monitoring tools for chronic disease patients, has appointed Drawbridge Health Chairperson Lee McCracken as a non-executive director. He joins Ali Tinazli, PhD, CEO of Lifespin Health, as part of the growing team of highly experienced industry professionals on Aptatek’s board of directors.

Lee has more than 30 years of pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, device, and venture capital experience. He has held leadership and P&L roles in private and public companies, from startups to commercial stage.

Lee is Chairperson of Drawbridge Health, where he was previously recruited as CEO by GE Ventures and GE Healthcare. His extensive experience in corporate development, strategic partnering, fundraising, and M&A from Allergan to Prometheus Laboratories will be invaluable as Aptatek continues to develop home monitoring solutions that empower patients to take control of their health.

Mike Boyce-Jacino, PhD, CEO of Aptatek, said, “With a distinguished career in diagnostic and medical device development and a passion for improving the lives of patients, Lee brings a level of expertise and insight that will play a vital role in shaping our company's future.”

Jason Smith, PhD, Chairperson of Aptatek and Managing Director, Investment Partner at Longview Innovation, said, “Aptatek’s advanced technology has the potential to tap into a multi-billion-dollar market for at-home monitoring devices. Lee has deep knowledge of the space and practical experience in the commercialization of new technology, which we will call on to help us deliver the full potential of our technology.”

I’m impressed with the technology being developed at Aptatek and their passion for providing individuals with chronic diseases the tools necessary to live healthier and more fulfilling lives,” said Lee. “I believe that collectively, we can revolutionize how chronic diseases are managed and improve patient outcomes worldwide."

For more information about Aptatek BioSciences and its innovative home monitoring solutions, please visit Aptatek BioSciences, Inc.

About Aptatek BioSciences, Inc.

Aptatek BioSciences, Inc. is a spinout of Columbia University at the forefront of developing home monitoring tools for chronic disease patients utilizing novel aptamer chemistry. With a mission to empower individuals with chronic diseases to manage their health more effectively, Aptatek BioSciences, Inc. combines cutting-edge aptamer technology, data-driven insights, and a patient-centric approach to revolutionize healthcare management. Aptatek hopes to revolutionize Phenylketonuria (PKU) monitoring and expand to other chronic disease states.


Media Contact: Michael Boyce-Jacino at: info@aptatek.com


Media Contact: Michael Boyce-Jacino at: info@aptatek.com