Advanced Scanners Inc. Announces Company Rebrand & New Name Effective Today: VISIE Inc.


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Introducing VISIE Inc., formerly Advanced Scanners Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Advanced Scanners Inc., a 3D computer vision company developing a deep tech optical scanner for orthopedic, neuro, and spine surgery, announces a company rebrand. Effective immediately, Advanced Scanners will be known as VISIE Inc.

The company makes this announcement after coming out of a 90-day stealth period. In August, the company teased, “From Darkness Comes New Light | 11.01.23,” on its website and LinkedIn, raising eyebrows around the medtech startup industry.

Doug Fairbanks, CEO of VISIE, says, “We went dark and transformed the company inside and out in just over a span of three months. What our team has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. Tomorrow, thanks to the efforts of our engineers and scientists, we will unveil capabilities the market has not seen before.”

VISIE 3D computer vision is delivering Precision Optics, Deep Tech, and Actionable Intelligence to the fields of surgical robotics with scans that are greater than 10 times more precise than trace or point methods, two industry standards. In addition, VISIE’s new Snap Registration gathers over one million points in one second, and auto tracks anatomic shift. VISIE technology promises to save steps, time, and tissue.

“We started this company in 2017 in my garage, with a fundamental innovation in 3D scanning and the hope of revolutionizing surgery. Today, we are closer than ever to delivering a true surgical solution, with handheld scanners a fraction of the size and 100 times the speed of our first functional prototype. It is gratifying to see how far we have come, and even more exciting to be working towards what lies ahead,” says Aaron Bernstein, PhD, co-founder & CTO of VISIE.

The VISIE team is on a mission to make the unseen seen in surgery, aiming to improve the surgical experience for patients and surgeons. “With our new scanning technology, we like to think we’re literally lighting a path to a healthier (and brighter!) tomorrow,” says Ashley Libby Diaz, PT, MBA, VISIE’s head of marketing.

Hasan Zaidi, MD*, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, shares, “VISIE is ushering in the next generation of surgical robotics. Trackerless technology will make surgery safer, navigation more reliable, and surgical workflows simpler.”

The new VISIE name pays homage to the critical sight and newfound clarity VISIE brings to surgery. A bold new look and feel was the only choice befitting a highly innovative technology company poised to make such a significant impact on surgical vision.

“I’ve seen VISIE’s new capabilities, and they’re nothing short of amazing. VISIE holds great promise for the future of robotic and image-guided surgery. Stay tuned!” says Conrad B. Ivie, MD* a fellowship-trained hip and knee surgeon at Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics.

To learn more about VISIE Inc. and VISIE’s 3D intraoperative imaging technology, visit

About VISIE Inc.

Formerly known as Advanced Scanners, VISIE is a 3D computer vision company researching, developing, and commercializing revolutionary optical scanners for robotic and navigated orthopedic, neuro, and spine surgery. VISIE’s proprietary imaging hardware and software combines the power of optical physics and deep tech to make the unseen seen in surgery. The company holds nine U.S. and international patents and has won numerous awards for its technology, including the Anterior Hip Foundation’s 2023 Innovation Symposium SharkTank.

VISIE’s 3D scanners are Investigational Devices and are not available for sale in the U.S.

* Financial interest in VISIE Inc.


Ashley Libby Diaz,, +1 512.737.8733

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Ashley Libby Diaz,, +1 512.737.8733