ThreatNG Revolutionizes Security Assessment with Groundbreaking Security and Cybersecurity Ratings Backed by External Attack Surface and Digital Risk Intelligence for Unmatched Clarity and Validity in Scoring

A New Approach in Cybersecurity Scoring: ThreatNG Security Ratings Redefines Precision and Insight

NEW YORK--()--ThreatNG, a leading innovator in digital presence security, threat, and risk solutions, is proud to announce the release of its game-changing Security Ratings capability. This groundbreaking feature is substantiated and proven with external attack surface and digital risk intelligence, setting new industry standards for clarity, validity, and fidelity in security scoring.

Organizations require more robust and accurate external security assessments to safeguard their digital assets effectively with the ever-evolving threat landscape and the increasing complexity of cyberattacks. ThreatNG Security Ratings addresses this critical need by providing in-depth insights into an organization's security posture, backed by comprehensive external attack surface analysis and digital risk intelligence.

Enhancing Security Ratings with Comprehensive External Intelligence

ThreatNG Security Ratings benefit from an array of investigation modules that provide unparalleled clarity, validity, and fidelity to organizations worldwide. These modules include Domain Intelligence, Social Media Monitoring, Sensitive Code Exposure Detection, Search Engine Exploitation Alerts, Cloud and SaaS Exposure Assessment, Online Sharing Exposure Evaluation, Sentiment and Financial Analysis, Archived Web Page Scrutiny, Dark Web Presence Monitoring, and Technology Stack Assessment. With Security Ratings backed by these investigation modules, organizations can make informed decisions, prioritize security measures, and fortify their defenses based on comprehensive and validated intelligence. This comprehensive and validated intelligence allows organizations to operate with the following essential qualities:

  • Clarity: Obtain a panoramic perspective of your security stance, integrating insights from diverse data sources to illuminate vulnerabilities.
  • Validity: Rely on rigorously verified information from an array of modules, cementing the precision of your security evaluations.
  • Fidelity: Delve into an in-depth and accurate analysis of your risk profile, surpassing traditional assessments to deliver a genuine portrayal of your organization's cybersecurity health

Extensive and In-Depth ThreatNG Susceptibility and eXposure Scoring

ThreatNG Susceptibility and eXposure scoring starts with the ThreatNG Exposure Score, which is a comprehensive metric composed of the following individual measures providing organizations with a holistic view of their cybersecurity posture and its impact on various aspects of their operations:

  • Breach & Ransomware Susceptibility
    Evaluate the likelihood of a security breach or ransomware attack. This evaluation considers external attack surface and digital risk intelligence to gauge the organization's susceptibility to these critical threats. The percentage of organizations that have experienced a ransomware attack in the past year is 13% in 2022, up from 11% in 2021. [Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2023]
  • Subdomain Takeover Susceptibility
    Assess the risk of subdomain takeovers, where attackers can gain control over a subdomain. Thousands of reported subdomain takeover attacks continue to be reported yearly and are expected to increase in the upcoming months.
  • Cyber Risk Exposure
    Obtain an overall assessment of the organization's exposure to cyber risks. It combines various risk factors to gauge the organization's vulnerability to multiple threats. The global cost of cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. [Cybersecurity Ventures]
  • Supply Chain & Third Party Exposure
    Measure the organization's exposure to risks associated with its supply chain and third-party relationships. Businesses are increasingly reliant on third-party vendors for critical services. This reliance on third-party vendors can make businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks if their vendors are not adequately secured.
  • ESG Exposure
    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Exposure assesses how cybersecurity practices align with ESG principles by reporting an organization’s documented violations. ESG violations affect susceptibility and exposure to cyber-attacks, digital risk levels, and security rating scores. For example, an organization engaged in environmental degradation could attract the attention of hacktivist groups who might attempt to compromise the company's digital assets to make a statement or disrupt operations.

The ThreatNG Exposure Score, along with these individual scores, provides a comprehensive and multidimensional view of an organization's cybersecurity risk landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions about all critical functional assets and pillars:

  • Technical: Helps IT and security teams identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, allowing them to prioritize and implement necessary security measures effectively.
  • Strategic: Informs strategic decision-making by highlighting potential risks and their impact on the organization's reputation, compliance, and long-term goals.
  • Operational: Facilitate streamlining operational processes by focusing on areas where security improvements are most needed, reducing the likelihood of disruptions and data breaches.
  • Financial: Quantifies cybersecurity risks, aiding financial teams in allocating resources for risk mitigation and potentially reducing financial losses associated with cyber incidents.

ThreatNG Security Ratings as a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compass

“The ThreatNG Susceptibility and eXposure Security Ratings empower organizations with a consolidated and contextualized external view of their digital presence to allocate resources effectively, implement targeted security measures, enhance risk management, and ensure compliance, bolstering their cybersecurity posture and resilience,” says Eric Gonzales, Founder of ThreatNG. "For example, it can identify data leak and breach risks, enabling proactive measures in cloud environments; mitigate SaaS-based phishing and hijacking threats with targeted defenses for SaaS security; strengthen data protection with insights into vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches for data security; secure web applications by addressing identified vulnerabilities for application security; prioritize vendor assessments to mitigate supply chain risks for supply chain security; enhance API security to safeguard critical application interfaces; and align security practices with ESG principles for ethical and sustainable cybersecurity."

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ThreatNG Security is redefining external attack surface management (EASM), digital risk protection, and security ratings with a platform of unmatched breadth, depth, and capabilities in managing technical and business threats across the dark, deep, and open web. Living up to the company mantra (“Security Centric; Not Exclusive”), ThreatNG provides a configurable solution to target, discover, and assess digital assets across a definable ecosystem of organizations, subsidiaries, partners, third parties, supply chains, and customers. Bolstered and maintained by the open source intelligence (OSINT) experts at DarcSight Labs, ThreatNG empowers organizations of all types and sizes to uncover, understand, and manage their external digital threats.


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