ThreatNG Launches Groundbreaking Open-Source Governance and Compliance Dataset Project

External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Security Ratings Solution Development Company Provides Transparency and Insight Data for the Greater Good

NEW YORK--()--ThreatNG Security, a leading external attack surface management (EASM), digital risk protection (DRP), and security ratings cybersecurity solutions provider, is excited to announce the kickstart of its innovative open-source project, the "ThreatNG Governance and Compliance Dataset." This initiative aims to democratize access to critical data, fostering transparency, collaboration, and collective improvement of cybersecurity practices globally.

ThreatNG's commitment to open-sourcing Governance and Compliance datasets underscores its dedication to transparency and collective security enhancement. By making this information available to the public and other vendors, ThreatNG aims to empower a broader community to collaboratively assess and address digital risks, fortify external attack surfaces, and strengthen security postures worldwide. This open approach reflects ThreatNG's commitment to shared responsibility, enabling a collective response to emerging threats and promoting a more secure digital ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Datasets for Organizational Transparency and Insight

The open-source datasets offered by ThreatNG provide a comprehensive understanding of organizational practices, promoting informed decision-making and accountability within the corporate landscape. These datasets include:

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Filings: A comprehensive dataset highlighting a company's dedication to sustainability, ethical behavior, and good governance, offering valuable insights into organizations' engagement in responsible and sustainable practices.
  • ESG Violations: This array uncovers companies' shortcomings in meeting environmental, social, or governance standards, thereby promoting transparency about the consequences of their non-compliance.
  • Ethics and Governance: This collection contains links to detailed information on an organization's ethical principles and governance frameworks, serving as a valuable tool for stakeholders, investors, and the public to access comprehensive insights into how companies prioritize and implement ethical standards and governance practices
  • Compliance and Trust: This extensive data collection links to each organization's in-depth "Security and Compliance" information. It's an essential resource for businesses, consumers, and regulatory agencies, offering a centralized information collection on various entities' security practices and compliance standards.
  • Privacy Policies: This array contains links to the privacy policies of various organizations, serving as a comprehensive resource for users, regulators, and businesses. It provides easy access to the privacy frameworks these entities have in place.
  • Terms of Service: This data compilation provides links to the terms and conditions of various organizations, proving invaluable for users, legal professionals, and businesses seeking to understand the contractual agreements governing digital interactions.
  • Careers and Jobs Pages: This open-source dataset on "Career and Jobs Listings" offers insights into the corporate landscape by featuring links to various organizations' career and job pages. It is instrumental in keeping up with industry trends and understanding the technological landscape.

Living by the Mantra: Security Centric, Not Security Exclusive

ThreatNG embraces the mantra "Security Centric, Not Security Exclusive," emphasizing a focus on prioritizing security in all aspects of digital operations. By open-sourcing Governance and Compliance datasets, ThreatNG exemplifies its commitment to advancing the collective state of cybersecurity globally. The company recognizes that effective cybersecurity involves a collaborative effort beyond organizational boundaries, inviting collaboration from various industries, organizations, researchers, and individuals.

"At ThreatNG, we believe a more secure digital landscape is achievable through shared knowledge, collaborative solutions, and a commitment to transparency,” says Eric Gonzales, Founder of ThreatNG Security. “Our open-source dataset project is a tangible manifestation of this belief, aiming to empower a global community in the collective pursuit of enhanced cybersecurity standards. We invite organizations, researchers, and individuals to join us on this journey toward a more secure and resilient digital ecosystem."

Empowering Cybersecurity: ThreatNG's Open-Source Initiative Redefines External and Digital Risk Management

ThreatNG enhances collaboration, transparency, and innovation in the cybersecurity realm by sharing information gathered through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). This democratization of data exemplifies our commitment to providing accessible insights and pathways for the broader community to benefit from and follow. ThreatNG's open-source dataset initiative is a testament to its ongoing and dedicated effort to help organizations manage vulnerabilities, threats, and risks impacting their digital presence. This impactful initiative is instrumental in contributing to the following key areas:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Digital Risk: Through ThreatNG's Open-Source Initiative, organizations can understand the factors influencing their digital risk landscape beyond traditional threat intelligence.
  • Holistic and Inclusive Risk Management: Organizations can leverage ThreatNG's Open-Source datasets to consider ethical, governance, and compliance factors for effective risk mitigation in today's complex landscape.
  • Elevation of Cybersecurity Postures Through Global Collaboration: ThreatNG's Open-Source Initiative encourages a collaborative ecosystem where organizations can collectively work towards enhancing their cybersecurity postures.
  • Empowering Organizations to be Proactive: The Open-Source data approach from ThreatNG provides insights for organizations to proactively manage their digital risks, evaluating compliance, ethics, and privacy.
  • Sparking Innovation in Security Solutions: ThreatNG's Open-Source data repositories catalyze the creation of new tools and methodologies for vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and risk management.
  • Alignment with a Customer-Centric Approach: ThreatNG's commitment to open-source data aligns with a customer-centric approach by providing valuable resources to enhance cybersecurity strategies.

Fostering Open Source Intelligence: ThreatNG Drives Democratization in Governance and Compliance Datasets

ThreatNG's open-sourcing of Governance and Compliance datasets exemplifies its commitment to democratizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in threat, vulnerability, and risk data. This initiative promotes inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and innovation with the open-source datasets facilitating the following:

  • Inclusivity: Ensure diverse stakeholders can access valuable intelligence regardless of size or financial resources.
  • Collaboration: Encourage collaboration among cybersecurity professionals, researchers, organizations, and the wider community.
  • Transparency: Reflect a commitment to transparency, providing visibility into the criteria for assessing organizations' cybersecurity postures.
  • Innovation: Stimulate innovation in developing tools, solutions, and methodologies for addressing digital risks.
  • Empowerment: Empower individuals, organizations, and communities to actively enhance their cybersecurity.

ThreatNG's open-source project stands as a tangible demonstration of its ongoing and dedicated commitment to democratizing OSINT in cybersecurity. By sharing critical information openly, ThreatNG empowers its users and contributes to a more collaborative, transparent, and innovative cybersecurity landscape to benefit the broader community.

Securing Diverse Sectors: Open-Source Data Repository Enhances Digital Risk Insights and Compliance Across Industries

The open-source data repository project delivers invaluable insights into digital risks, aids compliance efforts, and bolsters cybersecurity resilience across diverse sectors.

  • In the Energy and Environment industry, ESG Filings gauge commitment to sustainability, while in the financial services sector, Ethics and Governance, along with Compliance and Trust, ensure adherence to ethical standards and regulatory requirements. Privacy Policies and Terms of Service provide transparency for technology companies, and Compliance and Trust evaluate security measures.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries benefit from Compliance and Trust, safeguarding sensitive information, and ESG Filings guide social responsibility evaluations. Privacy Policies and Terms of Service influence purchasing decisions in consumer goods and retail, and Careers/Jobs Pages attract talent aligned with ethical values.
  • Automotive and Manufacturing industries showcase commitment through ESG Filings, ensuring eco-friendly practices.
  • Telecommunications and Media prioritize customer trust through Privacy Policies and Terms of Service, while Careers/Jobs Pages foster innovation.
  • Government and Public Sectors evaluate Compliance and Trust for data security, and Education and research institutions benefit from Ethics and Governance insights for academic integrity.

Unlocking Value Across Professions: The Open-Source Project's Impact on Cybersecurity Professionals, Policymakers, and Beyond

The open-source project extends its value to a diverse audience, from cybersecurity professionals to policymakers, offering datasets that enhance their roles and contributions to the digital security landscape.

  • Risk Managers leverage “ESG Violations” and “Compliance and Trust” for comprehensive risk evaluation and mitigation.
  • Policymakers and Legislators rely on Ethics and Governance, ESG Filings, and Compliance and Trust for evidence-based regulatory frameworks.
  • Security Researchers benefit from multifaceted insights across Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, ESG Filings, and Violations for comprehensive research and threat analysis. Consumers gain transparency through Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and Careers/Jobs Pages, supporting informed choices and corporate responsibility.
  • Academics access real-world organizational data for empirical research on ethics, governance, compliance, and security intersections.
  • CISOs use ESG Filings to align cybersecurity with corporate values, while Security Analysts, Ethical Hackers, and Penetration Testers utilize Ethics and Governance and ESG Violations for robust security measures.
  • Privacy Officers leverage Privacy Policies for informed policy-shaping, and Regulatory Compliance Officers find Compliance and Trust central for assessing adherence to regulatory standards and efficient compliance monitoring.

Empowering Collaboration and Elevating Cybersecurity Practices Across Diverse Sectors

This open-source initiative by ThreatNG holds immense potential for a wide array of organizations, fostering collaboration, transparency, and collective enhancement of cybersecurity practices across sectors.

  • Private companies, reliant on digital infrastructure, gain strategic insights into peers and competitors, optimizing risk assessments.
  • Publicly traded companies utilize datasets to elevate ESG disclosure, enhancing reputation and trust among investors.
  • Non-profit organizations with limited resources leverage the datasets for risk mitigation, safeguarding sensitive information, and maintaining public trust.
  • Government agencies enhance cybersecurity governance and regulatory oversight, informing policy decisions for critical infrastructure security.
  • Research institutions contribute to cybersecurity knowledge by studying trends and vulnerabilities.
  • Cybersecurity vendors benefit through collaborative improvements, leading to enhanced security tools.
  • Ethical hackers and security researchers identify vulnerabilities, contributing to improved digital security practices.
  • Everyday users indirectly benefit from heightened cybersecurity measures, ensuring better protection of user data and privacy.

Illuminating Digital Landscapes and Reinforcing Cybersecurity Resilience Across Industries

ThreatNG's open-source project emerges as a versatile asset, delivering substantial benefits across industries by illuminating digital risks, fortifying compliance endeavors, and bolstering cybersecurity resilience.

  • ESG Filings enable stakeholders to assess sustainability commitments in the Energy and Environment sector.
  • Financial Services find crucial insights in Ethics, Governance, Compliance, and Trust datasets, fostering integrity and compliance.
  • Technology relies on Privacy Policies and Terms of Service for transparency, aligning with data protection standards.
  • Healthcare emphasizes Compliance and Trust in safeguarding patient data, while ESG Filings guide social responsibility.
  • Consumer goods prioritize Privacy Policies and Terms of Service, influencing purchasing decisions, and ESG Filings foster brand loyalty.
  • Automotive relies on ESG Filings for eco-friendly practices, while Compliance and Trust ensure supply chain security.
  • Telecommunications trust is built on Privacy Policies, and ESG Filings reflect commitment. Government can use Compliance and Trust for security, while Ethics and Governance ensure transparency.
  • Education leans on Ethics and Governance for integrity, with Privacy Policies crucial for data protection.
  • Careers and Jobs Pages provide unique insights across sectors, aligning talent with ethical values. This initiative propels industries towards transparency, resilience, and ethical governance, reinforcing cybersecurity landscapes.

The open-source project can benefit diverse industries by providing valuable insights into digital risks, supporting compliance efforts, and contributing to cybersecurity resilience.

Multi-Domain Security Enhancement: Leveraging Comprehensive Insights for Informed Decision-Making

The open dataset, encompassing ESG Filings, ESG Violations, Ethics and Governance, Compliance and Trust, Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and Careers/Jobs Pages, significantly enhances efforts across diverse security domains.

  • In Cloud Security, ESG Filings demonstrate an organization's commitment to ethical practices, while ESG Violations and Compliance and Trust aid in risk evaluation.
  • For SaaS Security, the dataset supports environmentally conscious decision-making and assesses vendors' security posture.
  • For Data Security it provides multifaceted insights into security measures, aligning sustainability with data practices.
  • API Security benefits from aggregated links, ensuring ethical API interactions.
  • Application Security gains from insights into ethical practices and transparent data handling.
  • Supply Chain Security is elevated with suppliers using ESG Filings, Violations, and Compliance.
  • ESG Alignment efforts are supported through comprehensive insights into sustainability, ethical standards, and governance practices.

The dataset contributes across these security domains, offering invaluable information for informed decision-making and enhanced security measures.

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